Customers ask for help with awning orders

By Diane Walker - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's a luxury, for homeowners who can pay for home improvements, in this stressed economy. So, when a local contractor failed to complete his job, after getting their money, they called 12 on Your Side for help. They wanted the work done or their money back.

We actually didn't pursue the first complaint. I called the company owner. He seemed sincere about resolving the complaint so, the homeowner agreed, to give him a little more time. But, soon after that, two more unhappy customers called. They had tried for months to get Richard Reynolds, of Norvell Awning Company, to install their awnings.

"I wanted those as bad as I wanted anything for my porch," said Tracy Bailey.

The Baileys felt good about getting awnings installed. They paid the $687 down payment, on the nearly $1,400 job. A crew came out, took measurements, and that's all that's ever happened since January.

"We want our awnings. We've invested money, he's got our money. We've been nothing but nice to this guy," said Tracy.

The same thing happened to Suzanne McWilliams' elderly mother. She paid Norvell Awning Company, $800, half of a $1,500 job, and was told she'd have her awnings in two weeks. That was in January.

"We continued to wait, mother continued to call," said Suzanne. "It makes me mad that he would disrespect her."

Remember, 12 on Your Side had spoken with the company owner, before those complaints. Richard Reynolds made no mention of other problems.

The economy hurt his business, says Reynolds. He says he's working through a backlog of projects, it's challenging in the construction field. People owe him money too but, his intent is to settle with customers.

"He always says that, I promise," Tracy said.

Thursday, Reynolds says he is refunding the elderly woman's $800, and the Bailey's will get their awnings. This will all happen next week. He's shooting for Wednesday, he says.

Meantime, a check with the Better Business Bureau shows, 18 complaints total. The business has an unsatisfatory rating.

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