Nolan Ryan looks to join Richmond baseball efforts

By Laura Geller - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Will a pitching legend help bring back baseball to Richmond? Hall of famer Nolan Ryan's Texas-based business is considering investing in a team set to move here next season.

Representatives from Ryan's company are expected in town Thursday. The group already owns and operates two Minor League teams and has looked into adding other franchises in the past.

Local fans are anxious to see if the legendary pitcher's business will actually "play ball" here in Richmond. For ESPN Radio 950's Greg Burton, word of Nolan Ryan's group coming to Richmond can't be described as anything other than good news!

"I think someone of Nolan Ryan's stature and certainly it seems like his reputation in the business world is as impeccable, as it was when he was playing. I think it's certainly a plus to have someone of that character and reputation wanting to come to Richmond," said Burton.

Assumptions are this is a financial opportunity for the Ryan-Sanders group. The company could come in as the majority owner of the Richmond Eastern League franchise, with another group, like Bryan Bostic's Richmond Baseball LC serving as the local minority and operating partner.

One caller into Burton's "Hardly Workin'" show says of Bostic, "If he could partner with somebody else that has equally as deep pockets to be able to pull this thing off, I think that's great!"

We contacted Richmond Baseball Club LC Chairman Bryan Bostic. He had no comment for our story. Other sources close to the process say it's a bit like a blind date. They don't know exactly what's going to come of this.

"Yeah there's going to be questions because they're not going to give us any answers, 'til it's done. I think if they're coming here, there's certainly a great opportunity for them to be the ones to bring baseball back," Burton said.

We're expecting new information from the Richmond Baseball Club and the president of the Eastern League Thursday. What exactly those representatives will say is still unclear at this point.

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