Another woman attacked in Richmond's Fan District

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond police are sending out a warning to women living in the Fan District: be extra careful when out after dark. This is after a third woman says she was attacked by a stranger.

The most recent attack happened overnight Memorial day on Mule Barn Alley off Davis avenue, between Main and Cary. Police are looking into whether this and a sexual assault on North Meadow are related, But say both have similarities.

While police have stepped up patrols people we talked to say they're keeping their guard up. Dental students Allison, Jen and Sara share a home on Davis avenue, and the same school of thought when out and about in the neighborhood especially after dark.

"Definitely with a buddy every time we leave it's always with someone else," said Allison Angert.

Their neighbor, Ashley Coberly, also plays it safe more so now than ever.

"When it hits close to home it's always really scary," said Ashley Coberly.

Less than a block away from all their homes a woman was attacked in Mule Barn Alley about two in the morning while walking home from a restaurant on nearby Main Street. Police say it wasn't sexual in nature but the young man who followed her home got physical.

That assault comes on the heels of a sex crime against another woman three weeks ago on North Meadow. She too had been walking home about the same time.

A third woman told police she was sexually assaulted by two men back in April on Grove Avenue, but police don't believe it's related to the most recent assaults.

"It's the city and you always have watch out what you're doing," said Ashley Coberly.

Advice these three girls already practice.

"I think it just drives home the principles we've discussed communication staying together," said Jen Bick.

Allison may now take her precautions a step further.

"I might be more tend to take a cab home if I'm out at the bars at night instead of walking home," said Allison Angert.

Richmond police have a vague description of the attacker wanted in the attacks off Davis avenue and North Meadow.

If you have information that could help detectives, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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