Extra police presence on highways

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Watch your speed. That's the message to drivers from state police Monday night. Troopers are expecting an increased number of drivers on the roadways, many heading home after the long holiday weekend.

"There's a lot of cops especially out in D.C. Every few miles we saw like three," said motorist Jordan Panucc.

After spending the Memorial Day weekend in Connecticut, he is headed home to Florida.

"Everybody's slowing down. Nobody is speeding because they see them up ahead so everybody is breaking early," said Jordan.

Well, not everyone is slowing down. One motorist was pulled over for doing 73 in a 55. Another man for driving aggressively.

There have been three highway fatalities over the Memorial Day weekend in the commonwealth. None, in the Richmond metro area. Troopers say the number one violation they're seeing is speeding.

"I've seen 95 mph in a 65," said Virginia State Police Sr. Trooper R.J. Barrett.

They're also seeing a number of reckless drivers.

"All it takes is one person to make an abrupt lane change or somebody to slam on the brakes," said Barrett. "You're going to risk death or serious injury or injuty to somebody else."

Troopers are keeping a close watch for drunk drivers. Police say the goal behind this push is simple.

"To reduce traffic related crashes, injury, accident or fatal accident," Barrett said.

Troopers say they hope their presence will encourage motorists to drive by the rules.

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