Fire officials advocate grill safety

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While you're getting ready to fire up the grill for your Memorial Day hot dogs and hamburgers, emergency personnel want to make sure you're safe!

Last year alone, more than 6,100 accidental fires started with unsafe grill use.

The fire department has a few safety tips to keep in mind at your Memorial Day barbeque:

  • Make sure to check your gas tank and hose for any leaks
  • Use grill tools. You could get burned using regular kitchen utensils near flames
  • Don't use your barbeque on an apartment building balcony

"We want to make sure we harp on that," said Richmond Fire Department Lt. Shawn Jones, "because so many fires that I've seen in my time here, we've had at least one a year where there's been a fire on a balcony that's attributed to a grill became mismanaged."

Fire officials also advise not to use your grill in a covered area. If you have charcoal, give it a good 24 hours before cleaning up, as the stones tend to retain heat.

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