Engineers to construct shoring to stabilize crumbling apartment building

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Engineers are going back into a condemned apartment building in north Richmond.

They're trying to figure out why an exterior wall of the building failed Friday.

It caused bricks to buckle and the outside wall to crack.

Nine people were displaced in the incident.

They already have a new place to stay in Gilpin Court.

The RRHA plans to spend the weekend shoring up the walls of the building so the families can get back inside to get their belongings.

"We have the contractor coming in who will be shoring the intererior of the building on the first and second floors of the unit that had most of the damage," said Affordable Housing spokesperson John Hill. "Following that he will shore up the exterior of the building on both sides."

Once the shoring is in place engineers will be able to safely continue their investigation of the building.

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