Mother and daughter charged in Petersburg

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A Dinwiddie teen is behind bars Friday night accused of pistol whipping another girl during a street fight. Perhaps more shocking, is who police say gave the teen the weapon during that brawl.

Police say the teenager's mother supplied the weapon during the assault. Both mother and daughter face a number of charges.

Magnolia Farms Drive in Petersburg is quiet right now. But just a day earlier, pure chaos.

Police say Sabrina Bolling and her 18 year old daughter, Brianna Harrigan showed up at the home of a 17 year old girl who lives in the neighborhood. And then the two girls started fighting.

A large crowd gathered. Hair pulled out from the brawl still lines the street. The fight spilled onto Andrei Pope's property.

"Just everybody running around. Mayhem," said Andrei Pope.

Police say during the fight, Bolling handed her daughter a gun. The teenage victim was pistol whipped with it.

"I guess I was scared because I didn't want anybody to get hurt real bad," said Linda Pope who witnessed the fight.

Then, that gun was fired. Two shots rang out.

"I heard gunshots. When I got out here they were in front of my yard, two of them were fighting here, two of them fighting there," Andrei.

Luckily, no one was hit by the bullets.

"Anybody's kid could have been riding their bicycle or playing ball and they could have got hit by a bullet," said Andrei.

Residents call the entire incident appalling. Especially because of the mother's alleged involvement.

"That's pitiful for a parent to get involved with something like that but as far as I'm concerned she need to go to jail with the kid," he said.

Pope is block captain with the neighborhood watch.

"This fighting and foolishness, gang banging whatever they call it, it ain't going to get you no where but jail or a grave, that's all," Andrei said.

Investigators say, mother and daughter left the scene of the fight when police showed up. Both are now behind bars. It's unclear at this point what triggered the brawl. The victim is said to be doing okay.

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