Richmond Crusade for Voters endorsement controversy

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Despite some controversy, democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe is embracing the endorsement of the Richmond Crusade for Voters.

Critics of the endorsement include state senator Henry Marsh.

They claim a group of McAuliffe supporters showed up to the endorsement meeting with no prior connection to the organization.

Adding, the way the vote was handled threatens to quote: "diminish the credibility of this historic organization."

Richmond city councilman Martin Jewell, a McAuliffe supporter, disagrees.

"So you would call questionable numbers, I think there were 25, 23 of them were for McAuliffe. Sue Me! This is Henry Marsh trick. I love him, but I know him! Don't y'all get tricked by that, its bad enough that some of us do, but you don't need to be tricked by this," said Jewell.

Councilman Jewell claims that despite the voters in question, McAuliffe still won the vote by a large margin.

You can read more about the controversy on our political blog, Decision Virginia, linked at right.

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