May 21: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 24 critical violations in tonight's restaurant report. We start at a popular spot for Italian in Midlothian, whose owner invited us behind the scenes.

Angelo Zimbardo has been making pizzas & fresh Italian fare for some 30 years. He opened his Midlothian restaurant "Angelo's" in 1990 and has been pleasing palettes here ever since.

"They love the penne eggplant, fresh mozzarella, chicken marsala, veal, we do a lot of pizza and pasta every night," said Angelo Zimbardo.

Keeping up with demand while keeping the kitchen clean isn't always easy. That's why Angelo says he was actually pleased when a health inspector recently found 7 critical violations in his restaurant that needed addressing.

"Sometime after you clean something for so many years, after a while it's like an old car, you've got to change it because the paint comes off or whatever," said Angelo.

From fixing a temperature problem with his refrigerator...

"They just check the compressor get the thermometer right, we get it fixed in actually two days," he said.

To making sure the slicer & soda nozzles stay clean and his equipment is in top condition.

"Once in a while you've got to replace them, so all of that is done," he said.

Angelo says all of the violations were corrected as soon as possible.

"It's gotta be clean and spotless," Angelo said.

And the next time his inspector returned, it was to eat.

"The next two days we fix it all, he came back, he was really happy. He comes in with his son now. He comes to eat," said Angelo.

Also on tonight's critical list, Sonic (10393 Sliding Hill Road) in Ashland with 6 critical violations. An inspector found cooked sausage mixed in with new frozen sausage, as well as raw beef patties that were not maintained frozen. In a statement, Sonic says all violations have been corrected and food safety is the company's number one priority.

Moving on to Petersburg, and Kins Wok (1714 W. Washington Street) with 6 critical. Employees failed to wash potentially contaminated hands, and potentially toxic bug spray was found in the restaurant. A follow-up inspection shows 3 issues still in question 11 days later. Kins Wok's owner tells us now, though, that all issues have been addressed.

Finally, Luna (208 East Cawson Street) in Hopewell with 5 critical. Among them, knives that were being wiped off, not washed, rinsed & sanitized. A Luna employee says the violations have been corrected.

Now for this week's hall of fame, our award goes to Superstars Pizza (5700 Patterson Avenue) in Richmond for a perfect inspection April 8th.

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