Cheap Eats: Great pastry shops in Richmond

By Lauren Compton - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You can treat yourself to something good for less money than it takes to buy your morning latte! Two great pastry shops in Richmond feature homemade, fresh baked goods for under $5.

The Westhampton Pastry Shop on the corner of Libbie and Patterson features a an array of pastry delights. Once you walk into the shop it's not hard to see why it's a community favorite.

Each day you'll find your traditional pastries such as Danishes, donuts, and cookies. The pastry shop also specializes in cakes and a variety of breads. If you are an adventurous eater try the "radio bar."  For just $2.30 you can enjoy this large chocolate treat is a devil food chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and chocolate fondant icing.

They also have a different twist on the traditional cupcake for under $3.00. The iced cupcake is an upside down yellow battered cupcake with chocolate fondant icing poured on top.  It's not just the treats that will keep you coming back for more, you'll  enjoy the rich family atmosphere. The Westhampton Pastry shop has been on the Richmond pastry scene since the 70's and prides itself on treating their customers like family.

Diana Rogers is the wife of the shop owner and says she's seen many customers come and go, but they always come back with fond memories of the shop. Some customers even send Christmas cards over the holidays and have become close friends with the Rogers family. She admits to treating customers sometimes to ensure they're satisfied.

"If a customer buys a coffee cake, I'll say if you don't like it for any reason bring it back to me and we'll talk about it. You have to let people know you are concerned with the product that they buy," says Rogers.

Now don't expect to get something free every time you stop by, Rogers says they simply like to treat their customers like family.

There's another great pastry shop in the West End that specializes in gourmet cupcakes.

Two Sweet Cupcakes on 3422 Lauderdale Drive boasts rich, gourmet, homemade cupcakes. Each day there's a different cupcake. You can almost always bet on getting their special "Sprinkle Explosion" cupcake which is featured every day. It's a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles, vanilla butter cream, and topped sprinkles. Other choices include vanilla caramel, chocolate peanut butter, and red velvet to name a few.

The rich butter cream frosting over the homemade battered cupcakes will surely help you "Indulge your inner child", as the Two Sweet motto goes. The cupcake shop is open Tuesday thru Saturday. The cupcakes run about $3 each, but are worth every penny. The gourmet cupcakes are packaged in a individually boxed in a special container and sealed. They make perfect for gifts or enjoy it  as a treat for yourself.  Be sure to get there quick or place an order, because the cupcakes often run out.

The best thing about both of these shops is that you can enjoy a decadent treat that isn't fattening to your wallet. Most treats are below $5.

Check Two Sweet Cupcakes at

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