Community adopting cats

Posted by Terry Alexander

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The community is lending a hand in caring for the 56 confiscated cats.

The Chesterfield Animal Shelter doesn't have enough cage space for all the animals, so some were staying in portable enclosures.

But over the weekend, several people came in saying they're seen the story on the news and wanted to adopt other cats to help free up space.

"As we have space becoming available in certain areas of the shelter and then we are putting them in and taking the portables down," said Animal Control Director Alice Berry. "We are trying to move them around shelter so we can give them the proper care."

Animal leagues in the area are also helping split the medical bills to take care of the rescued cats.

Because questions remain over their ownership and physical conditions, the seized felines will not be available for adoption anytime soon.

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