Protestors march for Tahliek Taliaferro

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Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - The Powhatan community is still fired up after the results of a high profile murder case.  Relatives of slain teen Tahliek Taliaferro say they're not giving up the fight for justice.

They marched to the courthouse Sunday in protest.

A protest is not an uncommon site in Powhatan these days after Ethan and Joey Parrish were convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 18 year old Tahliek Taliaferro.

This particular march was planned on a strategic day. It's just about a week before the two cousins are scheduled to be formally sentenced.

Not a day goes by Kaa Caputo doesn't think about her eighteen year old son.

"Whatever I got to do, I'm gonna do it for my child," said Caputo.

Around two hundred of Tahliek's friends and family marched the half a mile from the Hollywood Baptist Church to the Powhatan county courthouse where they have spent months on an emotional roller coaster.

"It seems like the message that they gave was the wrong message so I don't want to see that happen to nobody else."

Protestors want to send a new message to the county, one they hope will give the Parrish boys plenty of time in prison for their involuntary manslaughter convictions.  The original charges for Taliaferro's death were first degree murder.

Lakysha Jaines was a friend of Tahleik's.  She says her definition of justice is different than what was handed down by a jury.

"You don't just kill somebody and you get [only] 11 years," said Jaines. "You need to get what you deserve."

Caputo says the show of support would make her son smile. Protestors say it's the least they can do for their beloved friend.

"It could rain, snow, shine, I'm still gonna do it.  If it was still pouring down I would have still marched.  If I had been the only one holding up a sign I would have still done it," said Caputo.

Taliaferro's mother says she'll plan another march on the day the Parrish boys are formally sentenced at the Powhatan county courthouse.

That sentencing is set for May 26th.

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