Crooks use scheme to steal big screen TV

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - The Hanover County Sheriff's Office is investigating a scheme that allowed two men to walk out of a major electronics retailer with a 32 inch TV, that they didn't pay for. It was a two man operation that involved a gift card, a get away car and the simple act of distraction.

For retailers up and down, Hanover's busy Bell Creek Road it's not so much the crime, but the way it went down that has people in shock.

"Never, no, I think it would be easier to notice here, than at a place like Best Buy," said Marybeth Neagle.

Just down the road from Marybeth Neagle's Belle Cottage, the monster electronics retailer Best Buy fell victim to a crime that seems impossible to pull off. But two crooks, made it look easy.

The suspect came to the clerk in the front and pretended to buy an item with a gift card. He claimed that the 32 inch TV under his arm was paid for in another part of the building. Meanwhile his partner distracted the clerk for just a second, while he slipped out the front door without anyone knowing.

Marybeth Neagle is not surprised that criminals are becoming this bold, but she said the tough times are no excuse to resort to crime.

"Personally, it makes me mad. We are all in hard times, its why I work two jobs to pay for what I need," Neagle said.

But it has made everyone at Belle Cottage become more aware as to what is going on around them .

"I'm sure that whole staff will be a little more alert," said Neagle.

Because who knows what criminals will resort to next.

Hanover officials say the suspects are driving a dark gray Ford F150 pickup truck and they may have attempted this technique at other locations throughout central Virginia.

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