Dozens of cats and four dogs removed from home in Chester

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Dozens of cats and dogs are in the care of animal control after being rescued from deplorable conditions at a Chesterfield house.

This all took place at a home in the 45 hundred block of Treely road near Harrowgate in Chester. About sixty cats and four dogs were brought to Animal Control where they'll be checked out by veterinarians.

Back in the neighborhood, residents are relieved they won't have to deal with the stench. Authorities are describing this as a case of "cruelty and neglect".

A strong odor greeted anyone who dared to get close to the house on Treely road.

"It's sort of like close to a skunk you know, it kind of stays on you," said neighbor Bob Gary.

Another neighbor says the stench has lingered for years.

"In the summer time it's worse. Wouldn't let my kids outside," said Don Kaysen.

Animal Control officers donned face masks and hazardous material suits before going inside. Over several hours, officers carried out cat after cat.

A Chesterfield spokesperson says there's no restriction on the number cats people can own in the county. Neighbors say a woman rented the home, but whether she stayed there with the animals is unclear.

"I haven't seen her spend the night here. She comes feeds the animals and goes," said Kaysen.

Kaysen says he and others often complained to police and animal welfare groups and is relieved something is finally being done.

"Maybe we can spend some time outdoors again," said Kaysen.

So far no charges have been filed. Chesterfield Animal Control plans to release more details on the case Friday.

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