Family members of murder victim speak out

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Family members of the man shot and killed at a Richmond school playground are speaking out Thursday night.

20 year old Thomas Scott Junior had just finished a game of basketball when was gunned down. It happened just after eight o'clock Wednesday night at Chimborazo Elementary School.

For the first time family members of the victim are talking publicly about what happened to their loved one. They say they want justice and answers.

Tomeshia Scott says it's hard to hold back the tears. Her twin brother Thomas was shot and killed on the playground at Chimborazo Elementary School Wednesday night.

"That's all I had was him and he gone," said Tomeshia Scott.

Police say Scott had been playing basketball during a Parks and Rec Department sponsored community program prior to the shooting.

"He didn't deserve to die like that. At this age to die like that," said Joan Malone.

Joan Malone is Scott's aunt. She raised him after his parents died.

"I'm angry and frustrated. This killing needs to stop," said Joan.

Police have arrested 20 year old Anthony Singleton in connection to the crime. He's charged with first degree murder. Family members say Singleton and Scott grew up together and were good friends.

"He's like part of the family so it's hard to believe he did something like this," Joan said.

At this point it's unclear what led to the shooting.

"It's heartbreaking. It hurts. Words cant describe because someone's gone we really love and we can't have him back," Joan said.

The family says it's fearful the shooting may spark of some sort of retaliation.

"I don't want anybody else to get hurt behind this," Tomeshia said.

Tomeshia says she'll remember her brother as fun, loving and playful. She's hoping justice will be served sooner than later.

Although the shooting happened on school property, police say the school is not directly connected to the crime. If you have any information on this case you're asked to call Richmond police.

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