Black bear wandering in a Chesterfield neighborhood

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield neighborhood may have to put up with a new furry resident for the next few days. The Woodland Pond Community off Beach Road woke up to a black bear wandering the streets Thursday morning. And animal control officers say it could stay in the area for a while.

Residents say Whistling Swan Road was the bears main path and they say he just seemed scared and lost.

Ray Walsh's had a hard time walking his Akita 'Shannon' after spotting a 150 pound black bear wandering his neighborhood just an hour earlier. Animal control officers got a picture of him in the street and another one as he started running into the woods.

"He was going back and forth and he looked nervous. Hopefully he's heading back from where he came from," said Ray Walsh.

Animal Control officers believe the black bear is looking for food and may have come from Pocahontas State Park just a mile away. They say he may be trapped by a pond that surrounds the neighborhood. And they add it may be sometime before the bear actually gets on his way for good.

"If it's quiet and things stay calm, the bear has no real reason to leave," said Animal Control Asst. Supervisor Rob Leinberger.

But although the bear seems to be taking up residence here in the Woodland Pond Community for now Animal Control officers say resident shouldn't worry.

He doesn't appear to be a threat which is why they also don't plan to trap him and remove him from the neighborhood.

"Unless its something where there is a very serious safety concern, traffic issues, our thoughts are just to get it moving and that what we typically do, get it moving where it's a less populated area," Leinberger said.

So until the black bear gets going, Walsh and other neighbors plan to try and enjoy the sight from afar and hope he will a some point not take the welcome sign so literally.

If you do spot the bear your asked to call Animal Control at 748-1683.

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