Ice cream truck driver attacked at Chesterfield park

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - An ice cream truck driver escapes several attackers at a Chesterfield park. Now police need your help finding them.

Police are calling what happened at Ettrick Park just before sun down Tuesday an attempted robbery. They say several young men acted as if they were going to buy some ice cream but had something else in mind.

A familiar spring-time sound is missing at Ettrick Park, childhood melodies blaring from an ice cream truck. The truck that showed up about seven Tuesday was nowhere to be found Wednesday evening.

"I  think it's unfortunate that someone's trying to do something positive as far as selling ice cream and making a living and you're not going to take that from him," said Demetria Baugh, who is a regular at the park.

Chesterfield police say several young men, possibly armed with a baseball bat, came up to the truck as if they wanted to buy a cool treat.

Police say a couple of the attackers reached through the service window to get to the victim but he managed to hop behind the wheel. As he was doing that, another attacker tried to open his door, that's when he hit the gas.

Police say the attackers chased after the truck but they got held up at a traffic light. The truck driver got away, unhurt.

Arnold Cooley remembers seeing him pull into the park as he finished up his walk. He says it's usually a busy place and for the most part, he feels safe there.

"I seem to think so but you know what is safe nowadays," said Cooley.

So does Demetria Baugh, but admits she's usually not seen on the jogging track without some protection in hand, like a miniature baseball bat she was carrying.

"I carry this everywhere when I walk," said Baugh.

Police would like any witnesses to come forward. Call Crime Solvers, anonymously, at 748-0660.

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