Henrico redistricting battle continues

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The battle over district lines continues in Henrico. Wednesday night parents and community leaders near Godwin High School got the chance state their case.

There are close to 50 thousand students in Henrico County Public Schools and many of them could be directly impacted by the upcoming vote. That it makes it tough for smaller communities, like the ones connected to 350 students at tiny Pemberton Middle School, to have their voice heard.

They came to Godwin High School, armed with banners displaying penguins, and a simple message.

"Upon walking into the building though, there is an immediate feeling of family." said Ann Foster, Pemberton Elementary School PTA President.

Pemberton's small enrollment is part of its charm. But representing only 350 out more 48 thousand Henrico County students, makes it difficult for community members to have their voice heard.

"We are the second smallest school in Henrico, so why is it so hard to keep such a small school together." said Robert Voorhis, who has two daughters that attend Pemberton.

But it is appears to be size, not proximity that is causing the community trouble. Pemberton could be parsed up in many different ways. In some ways pitting neighbors against each other.

"All we are asking is something very simple." said Voorhis, "Don't break a part our tiny elementary school community."

"We the Pemberton community wish to keep our school just the way it is," said Foster.

A task that the school board, may not be able to accomplish. This is fight is coming to a dramatic close. The final vote is only few weeks away on May 28. There is one more meeting Thursday night at Henrico High School.

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