Family asks for investigation in brother's death

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local family is outraged that the person responsible for their loved one's death will not face any charges. The family, along with the NAACP, is calling on the federal government to investigate.

The case involves three brothers, two are white, one is black. The group got into a fight with each other. The brother who's black ended up dead.

After finding out no charges would be filed, family members are turning to the FBI for help claiming their loved one's civil rights were violated. Family members of 29 year old Albert Brown say they're shocked and outraged.

"They took his life and that's not right," said Keonna Williams, Albert Brown's cousin.

Albert Brown, who's black, died in April. His brother, who's white, strangled him during an altercation.

"He grabbed my brother from behind and choked him until he was dead," said Ernest Tyson.

Family members, along with the NAACP, gathered to call on the federal government to investigate. The group alleges that brown's civil rights were violated based on race, but the commonwealth's attorney says not true.

"Race played no role. It never plays a role in charging decision we make. That would be inappropriate," said Richmond Commonwealth Attorney Mike Herring.

Herring says in this case there's no evidence of criminal intent or criminal recklessness.

"In fact while Charles Brown was holding his brother down he was calling police. We have the 911 calls of him saying 'My brother is causing a domestic dispute and that he's out of control'," said Herring.

NBC12 went to the home of Charles Brown. He says Albert was intoxicated and had jumped on another sibling. Charles says that's when he got involved.

"He kept fighting and wouldn't stop. I tried to restrain him," said Charles Brown. "I thought I was putting him in the headlock. I didn't know I was choking him. 'It was an accident?' Yes."

Charles has a message to the family.

"I'd like to apologize to them for what happened. I'm sorry," said Charles Brown.

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