Police to patrol against break-ins and thefts in the Fan

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tuesday night, Richmond police are finalizing a plan to cut down on burglaries in the fan, so neighbors get their peace of mind back. This, after three break-ins happened on the same block of West Grace Street.

Lexi Fletcher remembers all too well the day someone smashed open a window, and stole music from her car.

"I was heartbroken. I mean, my Spice Girls CD's are irreplaceable. Haha," said Fletcher.

Theft from motor vehicles in the fan, is a crime that's happening twice as much in 2009, compared to last year. And, it doesn't stop at CD's.

"Something as small as a bag of chips or a bookbag or loose change, anything at all," said Richmond Police Lt. Edward Capriglione.

Police are keeping their eye on all types of property crime, including home break-ins, which are on a steady decline dating back to 2007. But the fact is, three burglaries took place here on the eleven hundred block of West Grace Street, over a two week period in April. So police have a plan.

"Gonna have some extra officers in the area from the 1600 block of Monument East toward Harrison Street. Just trying to find out who may be responsible," said Capriglione.

Neighbors aren't necessarily in fear but they're trying to be ready.

"This front door locks to the building, but still, don't trust it," said neighbor LeSean Greene.

"I have mace, on the "Macgyver leash" here. Just in case," said Helen O'Beirne.

And many are already well aware of how to stop crime at home or on the street.

"I sure as heck don't leave anything semi-valuable in there anymore," said Fletcher.

We should mention that violent crime is way down in the fan, a total of twenty percent compared to last year. A credit, police say, to the effort that officers make to ensure that people get arrested, prosecuted, and then sentenced to a long time in jail.

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