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By Nicole Bell - bio | email

posted by Chris Berdoz - email

FORT LEE, VA. (WWBT) - Fort Lee is looking to fill hundreds of civilian jobs by 2011 as part of the BRAC expansion. While some of those positions have been filled, more openings are on the way.

In July, hundreds of new civilian job vacancies will be listed for positions on base. If you're interested in applying there are a few things you need to know. The process for applying for a civilian job at Fort Lee is a little different than applying for a job in the private sector.

"People cannot just come in the personnel office and drop off an application or a resume,"  said Cheryl Hayes from the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. She says that's a common mistake applicants are making. "You have to submit your resume through the automated process."

This is how it works: Go to Click on USA Jobs, submit your resume, then begin your search.

"Once you have a job you qualify for that meets your preference then you can go to the bottom of the vacancy announcement and click on apply or self nominate for the positions" said Hayes.

Calling the personnel department to follow up on an application is not recommended.

"They can go online and verify their resume is active, they can see which jobs they applied for, the status of these jobs," said Hayes. Positions range from secretarial jobs to IT positions.

The fort's personnel department says civilian job seekers who have submitted applications are making some costly errors.

"What I typically see are people failing to spell out their skills. The better you spell out your skills the better you'll be in terms of being highlighted as a successful candidate under our system," said Hayes.

Fort Lee has already hired several hundred people. If you're interested in applying, we've put a link to the government website [click here].

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