Residents confused by fundraising letter

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A misleading line in a fund-raising letter has some Hanover county residents confused about having to pay for an ambulance ride. The East Hanover Volunteer Rescue Squad sent the letter, and is apologizing for the misunderstanding.

The letter circulated throughout three zip codes in Mechanicsville. The line in question states quote, 'it is your funds that save our patients the fear of a bill when they call 911'.

"East Hanover sent out their fund drive letter about two weeks ago, and in the letter, there was one line in there that should have been removed prior to printing and somehow or another it did not end up that way," said Kimberly Kinker.

Kimberly Kinker is the president of the East Hanover Volunteer Rescue Squad. She says she and the other people who work there are truly sorry for the misprint in a recent fund-drive letter.

The letter was meant to excite residents about a 40th anniversary celebration and ask for donations. A donation some thought would keep them from paying for an ambulance transport should they need one.

The confusion is inciting action. Measures are now in place to make sure this never happens again.

"I have put in a presidents directive now to make sure that I will see the letter before print and after print before it goes out to the community to make sure no errors are in it in the future," said Kinker.

And just in case you're still confused, here's the truth about Hanover's ambulance program.

"The degree of your fundraising or the amount of money that you give to a rescue squad really has no impact on the ambulance program. The way that the program is set up and it's been that way for about four years, your insurance agent or if you have Medicaid, they are billed for the cost of the ambulance service," said Hanover County Spokesperson Tom Harris.

Your donations would go toward training and other needs.

"We appreciate every donation we get. It truly goes back to giving back to every resident in Hanover county," said Kinker.

Last week another letter went out this one to the counties administration from leaders here at the East Hanover Volunteer Rescue Squad, it apologizes for the misunderstanding and says they are working to put out only accurate information.

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