Guantanamo Bay detainees could come to Virginia

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If the facility were to be shut down, two Virginia military bases one in Norfolk the other in Quantico, could become home to the military combatants. Bringing with it a whole host of issues.

"We are not sure as to the attention this facilities would get from terrorist organizations and what that would do to the people in those communities." said local Congressman Eric Cantor.

But that is not the only problem, in addition to possibility of making Virginia a target, the government would be forced to make a huge investment to fortify the military prisons. Its an investment in security and money that Cantor believes isn't worth it.

"We don't want these terrorist in Virginia," Cantor said.

That doesn't take away the problems associated with the Guantanamo Bay. Kendra Thomas believes the prisons existence creates problems for the U-S.

"Instead of incarnating these people for years on end, I think that is cruel in itself, but I think something needs to be done," said Thomas.

A huge problem, with what appears to be few solutions.

Eric Cantor has proposed a bill that would force the federal government to get approval from state governments before these detainees can be brought into the U.S. It is a scenario that would make it very hard to transfer these people into the country.

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