New TSA Regulations begin next week

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A new rule for air travel begins next week and it's causing some confusion.

Starting next Friday, when you make a reservation for a domestic flight, air carriers will ask for your full name - first, middle and last - to match your driver's license or passport.

It's part of the TSA's Secure Flight Program.

One Chesterfield woman says it's already causing her grief and hasn't even left for her vacation.

Diane Williams is going to Disney World!

"This is the first vacation my husband and I have had in 25 years by ourselves," said Williams.

But she's worried the Transportation Security Administration won't let her get on the plane next Saturday. William's middle name is on her driver's license but not the reservation she booked last August. She says her airline won't change it without charging her 150 dollars.

"I don't think it's right our government and an airline that I paid a fee to is kind of holding me hostage," said Williams.

TSA told NBC12, Williams shouldn't have a problem boarding her plane because she booked before May 15. The new regulations will apply to flights booked on or after that date. But Williams says the answer she was given was confusing.

"TSA told me that as of May 15th they will be comparing your driver's license or your photo ID to your boarding pass ticket and that the names had to match perfectly," said Williams.

So how about when you book your reservations online?  Right now on the airline web sites there's no room to put your middle name your date of birth or gender. TSA says air carriers will have to make changes to their travel systems by the beginning of next year.

It's part of TSA's ever changing security to reduce misidentification and identify known suspected terrorists.

"If they had an idea that this was going to be coming about the general public should have been made aware of this long time ago," said Williams.

Starting in August, passengers on international flights will be required to do the same thing. Air carriers will then also ask for your date of birth and gender when you book your ticket.

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