Children hailed as heroes

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - A pair of elementary school students were walking their dog when they made a shocking discovery. They saw an elderly woman on the ground in a wooded area in Dinwiddie. That's when the two children sprang into action.

Allison is seven years old. Her big brother T.J. is eleven. The pair was walking their dog Friday evening when the animal took off into a wooded area. T.J. gave chase, but he stopped after hearing a soft cry for help.

"Here is where we found the lady," said T.J. Halloway. "I went over to her and said are you okay."

On the ground lay a 72 year old woman. She had fallen and hurt herself and couldn't move.

"She didn't look too well actually. She was complaining about her knee. I could hardly understand her," said T.J.

Allison went to get help.

"I ran as fast as I could. I was out of breathe when I got to the house," said Allison.

T.J. stayed with the elderly woman.

"I tried to help her back up. I was holding her," said T.J. "She was pretty wet from the rain."

Minutes later T.J.'s dad showed up.

"She was in the fetal position, curled up, cold, (and) shaking," Allison said.

Halloway called 911.

"I went in the woods and tried to speak to the lady. She had a hard time speaking and wasn't very coherent," said Anthony Halloway.

The woman was taken to the hospital. She says these two children saved her life.

"We just knew what to do because we saw it on shows," T.J. said.

Allison and T.J. are being called little heros. A title they call "way cool"

"I think it was cool that we found a person and helped her and it felt good," Allison said.

The woman who fell is okay and out of the hospital. We spoke with her at her home Thursday. She says she'd been out there on the ground for several hours and is grateful the children found her.

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