Auctions provide bargain hunters deals

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Auctions are fast paced, exciting and full of deals. But not every auction on any given day, may be right for what your looking for.

The bargains come and go in seconds. From cars, to clocks, dressers to diesel engine rigs. Auctions give you the chance to name your price and cut out the middle man.

"We have anything from cars, pickup trucks, vans box trucks motorcycles, campers, boats, recreational vehicles of one kind or another. If it moves, but doesn't fly, we have it." said Dick Menendez of Motley's Auto Auction.

At Motley's Auto Auction, more and more everyday people are making their way into the auction house looking for a deal.

James Figard is one of them.

"I wrecked my car and now I need to find a new one," said James.

James didn't want to spend a lot but wanted to go home that night with his new wheels.

"I heard you can get them just a little bit more cheaper," he said.

And according to auction professionals you can, if you know what you are looking for, and are prepared.

"The best buyer is someone who is education, who knows what they're doing," said Menendez.

The same goes for bargain hunters in search of furniture or home decor, but not looking to shell out retail prices.

"Like if you are looking for a new sofa or a new bedroom set, you wouldn't want to go to a furniture store, you would want to go to an auction," said Billy Dixon of Dixon's Auctions and Estate Sales.

But unlike a factory or retail store that has plenty of selection, auctioneers only have what is brought to them. Making the search for the right bedroom set or automobile a bit of a waiting game.

"If you don't get it that time, there will always be next week and another auction and another sale," said Kim Vincze.

James Figard found just what he was looking for on this day, a 1997 Ford Probe. He was willing to spend $2,000. He left spending a lot less.

"$500 all together," said James. "Good deal, can't beat that."

And in this difficult economy, a little extra work, may be worth the extra savings.

Auctions can be pretty intimidating. The pace is fast and the bidding wars can become fierce. Auction experts suggest that if you go, set a budget for yourself ahead of time and don't be afraid to ask questions. Doing so, may just provide you quite a bit of bang for your buck.

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