Educational Editorial: College Graduates

By Dr. William Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This May, college graduates will be launched into a world of independence. While celebrating hard work, they should also thank those who have helped along the way.

As an instrument rated pilot, I can recall the first time that I flew alone to speak at a conference. With training and exams behind me, I pulled back the stick in a Piper Cherokee to leave Richmond.

I was doing this "all by myself!"  After thirty-five minutes of flight, I could see Farmville and even the campus....but could not find the airport. After circling a water tower, I decided to call the Washington Center, about 100 miles away.

"Washington, this is Cherokee 2836G (golf)." "Go head 36 Golf" said a calm voice. I responded, "Washington Center, I am in the Farmville area and it is hazy, would you give me the best heading to the field."

I did not want to say that I was lost. He gave me a heading and said that the field should be twelve o'clock in about two minutes.

"Affirmative", I responded and the Farmville airport emerged in front of me. "Washington, I have the field."  The voice returned, "36G, turn downwind for the active runway."

He then directed,  " Turn left to base and tell me when you are over the numbers" "36G, over the numbers", ..."and Washington,  thanks for the help" " The pleasure was all mine 36G," he affirmed,   now,  put it down gently." Within one hour I had felt the euphoria of independence and the humility that comes with my need for others. And so, another graduation with gratitude.

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