Go on a date with your dog: Agility classes

By Lauren Compton - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Make a date with your dog! The Richmond SPCA's dog agility course is a great way to bond with your pooch.

There's four levels to the agility course. Levels A, and B teach dogs the basic skills needed to navigate the course. Once your pet masters these levels they can begin levels C, and D, where they'll learn tricks and routines. And if you pooch is up for the challenge there are several competitions and rewards available.

If you four-legged friend is shy or not able to focus for long periods of time SPCA Chief Educator Sarah Babcock says that's OK -- the agility course is an activity any dog can master.

"We've had all kinds of dogs. Fun crazy dogs everything from Yorkies, Silkies, Terriers, Irish Wolf Hounds and everything in between," said Babcock. "You would like your dog to have some confidence, but and many dogs finds confidence going over the big ramps and stuff."

As long as your dog is healthy, confident , and eager to have fun they're great candidates for the class.

Babcock says the agility course is one of her favorite things to do with dogs, because it's fun for dogs and their owners.

"I wish people would think of doing more things like this with their dogs," said Babcock. "A lot of people take their dogs on walks through the city and Richmond is definitely a great place for that, but I think a lot of our dogs who stay at home all day while we're at work or in the yard don't get enough activity and this is really a wonderful activity that the dog and their handler can enjoy."

If you are interested in enrolling your pet in the agility course class or any other class check out the Richmond SPCA website at richmondspca.org.

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