No suspects in rash of fires in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield fire fighters are worried about possible arson cases flaring up in the county. Almost a dozen vacant houses were targeted over six months. Something you've seen could be the key to solving the cases.

Four fires at vacant houses, all suspicious and within a half mile of each other, grabbed the county's attention last November. Five months later investigators know that two fires on Perrymont Road houses are connected. Two fires on Hopkins Road are connected as well. What they still don't know is who did it or why.

"The challenge as they get colder and colder and as we get further away from the actually cases it's gets harder for us to find the actually causes and we need some information that can help bring these cases to resolution," said Chesterfield County Fire Department Spokesperson Lt. Matt Coffin.

That's why investigators are spending the week reminding residents of about a dozen suspicious fire cases still open in the county. They say the public will be key to help bring all of them to a close.

"If they are done out of site and especially out of the view of the public or off the roadway or secluded, (then) it's all about witnesses. It's all about what people saw," said Coffin.

Coffin says as the summer months approach people need to stay aware and alert. When students get out of school that's usually when the department sees the number of suspicious fire cases rise.

"We have seen it time and time again that one little piece sowed everything together that helped us go down that right path and we were able to bring that person to justice or bring to incident to closure," Coffin said.

Anyone with any information about these cases is asked to call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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