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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We love them no matter what, but there's no denying that, when it comes to intelligence, some dogs seem to stand out from the pack. Pooch I.Q. dot com offers a test that has a series of 15 objective exercises designed to assess your dog on everything from short-term memory to problem solving ability.

To put the dog I.Q. test to the test, Ashley Swann pitted her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Sasha" up against Ryan Nobles' Llhasa Apso "Sophie Bell" to see which pampered pooch would come out on top.

We started with a simple test to see how the dogs would respond to their owners if we came into the room disguised with ski-masks. It didn't take long for Sasha to figure out who Ashley was. But Sophie wasn't so sure about Ryan.

Both dogs did okay learning new tricks, like turning to the left. But other challenges, like getting them to chase a bouncing ball, proved fruitless.

From finding treats hidden under cups, to answering our calls, while hidden under a blanket and even the old fake throw trick. Sophie and Sasha both had their highs and lows.

But only one dog could be number one. After nearly an hour of intense challenges, it was time to get Sophie & Sasha's scores.

A quick tally put each of the dogs into one of eight categories, ranging from dazed and confused, to absolute genius. So who was the winner?

Sasha Swann edged out Sophie Bell Nobles by 20 points on the I.Q. scale.

The test calls Sasha "pretty clever." A dog who will do tricks for treats and knows how to use her distinctive barks to get what she wants.

Sophie Bell came in at about average. As the book says, Sophie reasons just as well as most other dogs, but doesn't want to be judged by test scores anyway.

Neither are canine Einsteins, but when it comes to brains, it's safe to say both of these dogs are getting by just fine.

The dog I.Q. test kit is available online at

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