Two students have probable cases of swine flu

Posted by Terry Alexander

RICHMOND, Va (AP) - Two new probable cases of swine flu at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

The state health department said the cases involved two students who had mild cases of the illness and were being treated this evening.

We're told neither student had traveled outside the country but both had visited other states recently, those states do not have confirmed swine flu cases.

The president of Washington and Lee says the school is working very closely with state health officials to make sure students there stay healthy.

Just earlier Friday, state health officials reached out to college and university presidents, urging them to warn students about the virus.

Experts say that's because young adults may have a greater chance of catching the virus. They travel more, tend to be more social and often live in close quarters.

"We want to make sure that as young adults, they understand the potential risk they may have and how they can stop the spread of disease to themselves and their friends," said State Health Commissioner Dr. Karen Remley.

Schools are being asked to review their plans for responding to outbreaks and to make sure students know how to prevent the flu and recognize if they have it.

Of course, these two new probable cases at Washington and Lee University are in addition to the two confirmed cases reported in Virginia Thursday, one of them here in our area.

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