Seminar helps parents understand sexting dangers

By Curt Autry bio | email

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The Henrico police department is investigating the exchange of pornographic images among students, at Moody middle school, and the probe may be expanded to other schools in the county.

An informational meeting was held Thursday night for both parents and students about the dangers of the internet.

The seminar took place at Orchard House middle school. It discussed internet dangers and legal ramifications of students sending nude photographs of themselves - or others - to their classmates.

Rusty Mcguire, with the Louisa county commonwealth's attorney's office, organized the seminar on behalf of the American Internet Safety Association.

The goal is to let kids and parents know that "sexting" isn't a prank or a game. The exchange of nude pictures of underage students is a felony that can be prosecuted, regardless of your age.

"For middle schoolers, they don't understand the permanence of sending pictures across the internet of themselves or things that they write," said Orchard House school teacher Melody Imburg.  Pictures "are there forever, and you may be sharing it with your friend, but you don't know who your friend is sharing it with."

A similar seminar will be held Friday morning at 8:45, at Atlee high school, at 9414 Atlee Station Road in Mechanicsville.

Orchard school is not one of the schools being investigated.

In Henrico, the probe began in early March when school officials at Moody confiscated three jump drives, and found "inappropriate images."

Police aren't saying which other middle schools are part of this probe.

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