Possible measles exposure at Potomac Mills

Posted by Terry Alexander

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA (WWBT) - Some shoppers may have been exposed to measles at the Potomac Mills shopping center.

The exposure may have happened on April 11 between 12:45 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The state health department says a Prince William county man with measles was at the "Against All Odds" store between that time period. That is the only spot in Potomac Mills where he shopped.

Health experts say they're still concerned because the measles virus can live for about two hours after it becomes airborne.

And while many people are vaccinated, that's not true for everyone.

"This is why we're doing such an outreach. It's because children before their vaccinated are number one very susceptible, and at highest rick of complications. Children under five have the highest rick of complication (and) pregnant women," said Prince William Health Director Dr. Allison Ansher.

The man with measles also visited half a dozen locations in northern Virginia, Montgomery county and Washington, D.C.

Those businesses have posted signs, alerting people to the possibility of exposure.

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