Jewelry and guns stolen during Richmond pawn shop burglary

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A south Richmond pawn shop is again the target of crime, only this time burglars got away with jewelry worth thousands of dollars and nearly four dozen guns.

The owner of Superior Outlet and Pawn Shop on Jeff Davis Highway, Mike Shaban, says detectives are working leads. Four months ago, Shaban had a brush with death at his store.

Some five hundred customers are affected by the recent burglary, including LeAnn Kinney who is upset some family heirlooms are now gone.

"If you're telling me my jewelry is safe then how can it be my jewelry is gone," said Kinney

Kinney says sentimental pieces walked out of the pawn shop in the hands of criminals. The burglary was overnight last Tuesday. The owner says the crooks broke through a cement wall to get to the vault.

Back in December, Shaban fired three shots at a gun-wielding robber.

In this latest crime, Shaban says the burglars made off with 47 guns and three to four hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry, $200 thousand of that was his.

Shaban thinks the April 14 heist was a professional job. He says the culprits cut off the alarm system and cameras.

Kinney says the jewelry she and her sister pawned together was worth three grand. But they needed quick cash to make ends meet.

"My sister needed stuff to keep her lights on," said Kinney.

Kinney is upset because she didn't find out about the burglary until more than a week later. She wanted to get her jewelry back.

"We were just going to come up there. It was payday," said Kinney.

She feels a pawn shop worker brushed her off.

"For them to be so nonchalant about the situation that's what hurts the most," said Kinney.

Shaban says he feels bad about what happened and hopes to make it up his customers by replacing the jewelry, even though legally he's not liable. Information he says is written in the contract people sign when pawning their belongings.

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