April 23: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann bio | email

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - 21 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  First, we go inside a city Papa John's that's worked hard to correct some issues that landed them on the critical list a few months back.

Renovations were underway when an inspector came inside this Papa John's Pizza on West Main Street in Richmond and found a number of critical violations. Director of Marketing Erik Roesh says he and his team took the issues extremely seriously.

"We do have stricter standards on our own than the state has for us, so anytime we get dinged on certain items by the state, it's something we should have caught internally well before that happened," says Roesh.

Months later, there are no signs of violations to be found. Foods are properly dated, contact surfaces and utensils are spic and span, and careful measures are underway to control ingredient temperatures.

Roesh says, "During the day, we'll close the bins just to keep the temperatures as cold as possible."

Since the problem inspection, the restaurant has received two near-perfect reviews by the state. And Roesh says their focus has happily returned to what they do best: making fresh pies.  After all, from the pepperoni to the green peppers, it's the ingredients that are credited for setting Papa John's pizzas apart.

Roesh says, "They are as fresh as you can get."

Roesh says customers can be assured of the highest standards of cleanliness from before their pizza hits the oven, to the time it's delivered to your door.

"It's little things that make a difference and it's little things that make Papa John's Pizza what it is, so we try to fix those all the time," says Roesh.

Now for tonight's critical list. China's Best (5059 Forest Hill Avenue) in Richmond with 7 critical violations. Shrimp, raw chicken & onions were found stored on or less than six inches above the floor.

In Chesterfield, El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant (11521 Midlothian Turnpike) also makes the list with 6 critical violations, including cheese dip held at improper temperatures.

And finally, Kanpai (5303 Oaklawn Boulevard) in Hopewell with 4 critical. Among them, mold and stains inside an ice bin that could drip onto ice.

Now for this week's Hall of Fame, our award goes to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (11500 Huguenot Road) for a perfect inspection February 10th.

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