Richmond police shoot motorist during traffic stop

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The officers had pulled over Nathan Randolph on Broad Street near Laurel. They say he got out of his car wielding a knife and wouldn't listen when they repeatedly told him to put it down. They say Randolph charged, so they opened fire.

Two Broad Street stores were hit when police opened fire on Randolph. From the evidence left behind we know they fired at least four shots. VCU senior Robert Robinson heard it all from his dorm room.

"I heard about six gun shots. And it was a pop pop. And then a pop pop pop pop," said Robert Robinson.

The bullets went everywhere.

"Seen the hole. He came in took a look and said there it is right there. They pulled it out of the wall and went on their way," said Charles Fox who works on Broad Street.

Three bullets hit the Richmond Glass Shop. Two were embedded in the store's siding, one went through the front door. Police stuck a business card in a bullet hole two stores down at a closed motorcycle shop.

Even the back window of Randolph's Chrysler was hit.

The shooting sent Randolph to the hospital with life threatening injuries. He remains at VCU Medical Center in critical, but stable condition. It's not known how many times he was shot. The whole incident rattled a few business owners.

"It was kind of devastating to hear something like that happening right out of the front of my shop." said Wenzooly Bruce owner of Salon Z.

The VCU and Richmond police officers who shot Randolph are now on administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation. That's standard practice for officer involved shootings.

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