NBC12 Viewpoint: National Volunteer Week

By Don Richards, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager

This is National Volunteer Week across America. So in these times of economic hardship, why is that important? Well consider the schools, your church, or your kid's sports league. Could they survive without volunteers? How about the many non-profit services in Richmond? What would they do without volunteers?

In fact right here at NBC12 we have Call 12 volunteers. They take calls and help our viewers with questions and problems. We could not provide that service without our volunteers. It is a fact that volunteerism is a critical measurement of a community's health.

In a recent ranking of top 50 metro areas Richmond ranked 27th in volunteer participation. Not bad, considering that nearly 300,000 people in our area donate their time as a volunteer. But we can do better than average.

Richmond has a rich history of giving and civic engagement. We have an abundance of fantastic non-profit agencies that need your help. The economy has put much stress on them to respond to greater needs while their funding has been cut.

Let's put Richmond on the map as an example of a community that really cares. You can check out the many volunteer opportunities in our area at the Hands On Greater Richmond website...www.Handsongr.org.  Let's step up!

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