Community responds to Saturday morning homicide

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RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Around 3:00 Saturday morning Richmond Police responded to a call of shots fired near the corner of West Marshall and 1st Streets in Jackson Ward.

Once on scene, they found 24-year-old Levon Alford of Henrico County lying on the sidewalk suffering from a gunshot wound.

He later died at VCU Medical Center.

Police are looking into the possibility of robbery as a motive in this homicide a fact that scares residents in that community.

Crime does happen there but it's usually not so violent.

A quiet, but bustling Saturday morning in Jackson Ward as businesses open up for the day.

Locals were shocked to learn why we were there, following up on an early morning homicide.

"I was just shocked," said Donald Knight II. "I had no idea that a homicide took place, this is a quiet neighborhood really clean, people really stay to themselves and they are friendly."

Knight lives in Jackson Ward.

His friend Deonte Young gets his hair cut here every Friday.

He too was surprised by the violence.

"Usually everytime I come down here it's pretty quiet like it's a nice little atmosphere that's why I chose to come down here." said Young.

We did some digging on the Richmond Police Department's website.

In a crime summary showcases that police have been to Jackson Ward only 20 times in the past month and only one of those incidents has been for a violent crime.

"It's just kind of scary when you think about it because you know it could be you just walking down the street," said VCU junior Kelsey Mejia.

Mejia says she has some friends who live in this area and comes here often.

"I've been down here quite a few times," she said. "One of my good friends from my sorority lives over here so we walk this street a lot and do a lot of things around the area, so it's kind of crazy."

Mejia says just like she is everywhere else, she'll be more careful in Jackson Ward.

"I don't go anywhere by myself or anything like that and at night," she said. "I do drive and try to park as close as possible if I am by myself."

If you have any information that could help Richmond Police solve this case, call Crime Stoppers.

That number is 780-1000.

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