Sheriff's deputy faces dog fighting charges

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico man, whose job is to uphold the law, is now facing charges of dog fighting and animal abuse. This, after more than twenty pit bulls were seized from his home Thursday night.

Corporal David Robinson was arrested and released early Friday morning. He could be back at work as early as Monday but the dogs won't be leaving anytime soon.

One by one, dogs were seen, being pulled from the Miller Road house Thursday evening. It was earlier, that some of them broke loose from their chains or cages and started attacking each other.

"And you heard the dogs all the time, down there. I reckon a dog in there would get loose and they'd fight each other," said neighbor Ed Johnson.

Of the twenty two pit bulls known to be kept on the property, four were injured. One was found dead.

Police say their owner, David Robinson, who wasn't home at the time was later arrested and charged with two counts each of animal cruelty and animal fighting. A stunning development for Robinson's boss.

"He done his job here, no write ups or anything like that nature but you never know what's going on, on the outside," said Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody.

Robinson's job involved law enforcement at the Richmond City Jail. He'd often be responsible for guarding or moving inmates. Now, he's on the other side, fighting charges that could land himself behind bars.

"Anyone that mistreats animals should be punished severely. Even if it was one of my own deputies. Even if it was me," said Woody.

Animal Control investigators expect their work to go on for several more days, and new charges are possible. In the meantime, most of the dogs are with Henrico animal control. The four that were hurt are receiving veterinary care.

"I hope they can rehabilitate the pit bulls they took away from there. Cause, you know, it ain't their fault," said Johnson.

Animal Control also seized some equipment commonly used in animal fights, including "breaker bars", a "pulling sled" and a "portable ring". Items that Robinson claims were not used.

The sheriff says, if Robinson decides to go back to work, he'll be put in a "no contact" position. Meaning: he's on the payroll but won't have the law enforcement powers he once did.

His next court date is the trial, set for June 9.

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