Cheap Eats: Cafe Rustica

By Lauren Compton - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You can still eat great on a budget, here's a look at one area restaurant offering filling European inspired food on the cheap. Imagine getting a full three course meal, that's right appetizer, entree, and desert for just $15. Café Rustica is one of the many area restaurants offering great meals on the cheap.

The restaurant located on 414 East Main Street offers special family and group specials on Sundays. This is perfect for a family dining out or a group of friends.

Co-owner Andy Howell says he understands that most people are on a budget and has catered his menu prices to reflect that.

"When we opened the restaurant, the idea was to make a restaurant we would want to eat in. Meaning you'd get a fair sized meal for a reasonable price," Howell said.

He also admits that while the food is filling, it is comfort food in every sense of the word. "We like to use bacon," says Howell.

Whether it's the roasted veggies, soups, or the ever-changing menu, your pallet is sure to be delighted by the menu.

The food isn't the only thing worth mentioning; the atmosphere at Cafe Rustica is well, rustic. You'll enjoy the warm, intimate feel of the place and the down home feel of the restaurant's owners and chefs. Each restaurant booth is carved from old house doors from historic homes in the Church Hill District; adding Richmond's own historic flavor to your dining experience.

I'm Lauren Compton for NBC 12 Online helping you find your cheap eats.

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