Chinese food delivery driver shot and killed

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Chinese food delivery driver was shot and killed on the job Sunday night. It happened on the 500 block of Lowell Street, near Nine Mile Road and so far, no one has been arrested.

The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant where the victim, Yong Sun, worked says it had already limited the delivery area because of violence in the neighborhoods surrounding the house where he was killed. One employee said they made an exception because this order was going to be delivered to a long-time customer. That exception cost one man his life.

"The customer call here, but he is old customer so I make the delivery. It's an old customer so I don't mind," the employee said.

The residents on Lowell Street are consistent customers for the small Chinese restaurant. It's the surrounding areas in which they have trouble. So much so, they've put restrictions on where exactly they'll take orders.

Restaurant employees say they'll only deliver to certain apartments on Newbridge Road during daylight hours and even then drivers take precautions. If you order food you actually have to come out to the car and get it. Drivers will not go inside. Now the restaurant tells us they won't even do that.

"They robbed us so many times. Not only one time. But last night is really serious you know," said the restaurant employee.

Serious because after 35 year old Yong Sun made that delivery, an unidentified man shattered his car window, shot and killed him. The employee and friend can't believe Sun is dead.

The death that has rocked the restaurant and increased its delivery restrictions, is changing behaviors of residents in the neighborhood where Yong was shot. Another resident heard the gunshots and saw the suspect run off and now she lives in fear.

"I'm even afraid to come out of my door now. Broad daylight I'll come out but after dark I'll make sure my nephews are out here with me or I'll jump in a car and go somewhere," said the resident, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Police re-canvassed the area looking for witnesses. Detectives say they still do not have any suspects.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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