Human remains found behind home in Amelia

From NBC12 News

AMELIA, VA (NBC12) - A crew trying to find the body of a man buried by his wife in the backyard wrapped up their search Friday night.

After a full day of digging, crews believe they've found the remains Clent Chavers.

It started Friday morning at a home in the 1700 block of West Pridesville Road in Amelia.

Investigators say Chavers' wife, Ulisa Chavers, recently admitted to digging a hole in their backyard in 1994 and dumping his body in the hole.

The remains are on their way to the State Medical Examiner's Office where they'll be identified and a cause of death may be determined.

The discovery wrapped up an exhausting day of digging.

Investigators say Mrs. Chavers had been cashing her dead husbands' social security checks up until last month when she was arrested in Louisa County for concealing the body of her boyfriend in a well.

She was also accused of cashing that man's social security checks.

Right now, authorities aren't saying Chavers had anything to do with the deaths of either man.

They say she's just facing charges for how she disposed of the bodies.

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