Virginia Tech reopens Norris Hall

Posted by Terry Alexander

BLACKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Kristina Heeger was shot three times that day on the second floor of the west wing of Norris Hall. Friday, it reopened for the first time since the tragedy. It has an entirely new look.

The university decided long ago never to use the space for classrooms. A task force decided it would best be used as a new center for peace studies and violence prevention.

The president of Virginia Tech says Friday's opening is helping move the university forward.

"It will be difficult in some respects to go back but it is important and monumental in some way, but I think mostly it's just getting ready for April 16th next week. That's going to be the biggest aspect for me," said Kristina Heeger.

"This is the next step of the healing process for the community and university to be able to make use of this space in a meaningful and positive way," said Virginia Tech senior John Welsh.

The 43-hundred square foot area is comprised of six new rooms and labs.

In addition to the center for peace, it also houses engineering science and mechanics. The university hopes this will serve as a world-class model.

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