April 9: Restaurant Report

April 9: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - From hand washing to temperature control, 22 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. We begin in Richmond.

Topping the critical list, Planet Wings (7048 Forest Hill Avenue) with 4 critical violations. An inspector found food stored on, or less than six inches above, the floor.

Staying in Richmond, Red House II (1202 Azalea Avenue) with 4 critical, including improper methods used to thaw fish, seafood & chicken.

Moving on to Henrico, Far East Bistro (701 Town Center West Boulevard) also with 4 critical violations. Among them, broccoli stored under raw chicken.

Stuffy's (8191 Brook Road) in Henrico makes the list with 4 critical. Meatballs, sprouts & sliced tomatoes were found at improper temperatures.

And finally tonight, in Hopewell, El Nopal (4118 Oaklawn Boulevard) with 6 critical violations, including improper hand washing methods observed among staff.

Now for the positive. Tonight's Hall of Fame Award goes to Lift (218 West Broad Street) in Richmond for a perfect inspection February 24th. On your side with the Restaurant Report, I'm Ashley Swann.