NBC12 Viewpoint: Richmond Police introduce youth outreach effort

By Don Richards, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Even in the best of times the police department is stretched thin. When you add in rising unemployment to increased demands for social services, the police have all they can handle.

But despite their many challenges the Richmond Police have introduced a new youth outreach effort this week called Safe and Healthy Communities.  Their Community, Youth and Intervention division is holding events in five different at-risk neighborhoods.

Their mission... bring information and awareness to young people regarding crime prevention, personal safety and healthy lifestyle choices. They are even conducting health screenings. Volunteers with area businesses and non-profits are helping out by providing goods and services.

The timing of this effort is critical. Many young people are forced by today's circumstances to make adult decisions. Through this innovative program The Richmond Police and the community volunteers are helping them make good decisions.

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