12 Viewpoint: Nonprofits need help in the economic crisis

By Don Richards, NBC12 Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For many people, the lifeline connecting them to basic necessities are the Richmond charities and nonprofits.

So what happens to these services when the nonprofits struggle?

The donations from Richmond's business community have always provided critical funding for nonprofit services. Now these funds have been ravaged by the recession.

The nonprofits have been hit from two sides. They see greatly increased demand for their services at the same time that their local financial support has shrunk. Support from the state for most organizations will be cut as well.

The financial picture for many nonprofits will be dire unless individual donors - people like you and me - can find a way to step up.

Of course, a donation of money is the most direct and helpful means to show support. But volunteers are greatly needed as well.

Our donations of time and services can make a huge, positive difference for any community organization. Think of it as your own personal economic stimulus contribution.

You may have a favorite nonprofit already. If not, check out ConnectNetwork.org for information about nonprofits serving our community. You will discover ways you can help.

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