Fairfax blasts Democrats over rejected donation

DPV spokesman Jake Rubenstein said the party does not feel "comfortable" accepting money from Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax after two women came forward accusing him of sexual assault.

Mayor declares National Therapy Animal Day in Richmond

State Supreme Court may decide if prosecutors can stop pursuing marijuana cases

Charlottesville officials not commenting on Biden’s possible plans

  Long lines of residents sound off to Richmond City Council on tax hikes, RPS funding

Virginia taxpayers will get money back from the state in October

Amazon’s plans for Virginia sparks renewed interest in affordable housing

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  City Council to hold public hearing on Stoney’s proposal budget

Virginia to lower carbon emissions from power plants

Virginia governor wants Confederate arch gone from US fort

Although the Mueller report is out, ‘it isn’t over’ Van Susteren says

  Trump tried to choke Russia probe, oust Mueller, report says; president claims it shows no collusion or obstruction

McAuliffe not running for president

  Beto O’Rourke rallies hundreds of voters at Henrico campaign stop

Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke rallied a crowd of hundreds at the Hilton Short Pump in Henrico, on one of seven stops he's making in Virginia this week.

Spanberger to host town hall in Henrico

United States Representative Abigail Spanberger will host her fourth town hall in Henrico County.

Scandals lead to fundraising woes for top Virginia Democrats

New campaign finance records show Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s fundraising efforts dried up after a scandal involving blackface.

‘Not calling 911:’ Should drug overdose deaths be treated as felony murder?

The bill states that a person is guilty of felony homicide if they manufactured, sell, gift or distribute drugs that cause a fatal overdose.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to campaign in Short Pump

Mayor Stoney named 2019 ‘OUTstanding Virginian’

Petition calls for UVA men’s basketball team not to visit White House

  Trump sanctuary city idea could help migrants stay in US

  Spanberger focuses on drug costs, broadband, bipartisanship in first 100 days

McEachin hospitalized for treatment of blood clot

Gold star father who criticized Trump to speak at graduation

The Muslim gold star father who spoke out against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the featured speaker at a Virginia college's graduation.

NextGen Virginia urges college students to vote

Across the state, NextGen took to college campuses to remind young voters they can play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of these critical races.

Governor Northam honors crime victims and victim advocates

Gov. Ralph Northam proclaims April 7-13 Crime Victims' Rights Week in Virginia.

  Hoos fans on Capitol Hill celebrate UVA’s historic win

The excitement continues to build over the University of Virginia men’s basketball team clinching their first national championship.

On anniversary of Lee’s surrender, ACLU calls for removal of his statue

Tuesday marked the 154th anniversary of the Confederate Army surrendering to the Union on April 9, 1865. The American Civil Liberties Union used the event, which ended the Civil War, as another call for action: to remove the Monument Avenue statue honoring Robert E. Lee.

  Department of Public Works looks foward to mayor’s proposed budget

In Richmond, potholes are a problem.

Poll: Disapproval of Virginia’s leaders grows

Gov. Ralph Northam has a disapproval rating of 49%.

CBD and THC-A oil dispensaries set to open across Virginia

Virginians with a doctor’s recommendation soon will have access to CBD and THC-A oil dispensaries throughout the state. The Virginia Board of Pharmacy has approved five companies to open the dispensaries -- one in each of the commonwealth’s five health service areas.

Virginia labels people ‘habitual drunkards’ under old law

Authorities in Virginia are continuing to jail or fine people based on an old and obscure law that’s known as the “habitual drunkard” statute.

State health officials take steps to ban conversion therapy

Conversion therapy aims to change the sexual orientation, gender expression or identity of LGBTQ individuals.

Norfolk to challenge law barring moving Confederate monument

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Norfolk’s city attorney said he’ll move forward with a petition challenging the state law in coming weeks.

Lawmakers vote to eliminate license suspensions

Virginia lawmakers have voted to eliminate the suspension of driver's licenses for motorists with unpaid court fines and costs.

  Lt. Governor refutes details of sexual assault allegations, asks prosecutors to investigate

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is refuting, point by point, details given by two women accusing him of sexual assault in nationally televised interviews this week. Fairfax also announced his attorney has asked prosecutors to investigate.

Virginia lawmakers approve funding to upgrade Interstate 81

Anyone who’s driven Interstate 81 knows when accidents happen, the highway can backup for miles.

  Timeline of turmoil: How Virginia’s ongoing political scandals developed

A minute-by-minute timeline of the political controversies that have put the commonwealth in the national spotlight.

  Roughly 6,500 people attend inaugural ‘March for Life’ rally

The rally and march comes two months after Governor Ralph Northam’s controversial comments on late-term abortions following a proposed bill that failed in subcommittee.

  Fairfax says he’s willing to testify under oath, releases polygraph test results

Fairfax's accusers Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson conducted interviews on 'CBS This Morning' saying his response has been 'disgraceful.'

Henrico Board of Supervisors to hold public hearing on proposed budget

The hearing is a chance for residents to provide oral or written comments on the $1.3 billion plan, which would take effect July 1.

Northam reacts to Fairfax accusers’ interviews

Governor Ralph Northam says sexual assault allegations against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax must be taken seriously.

  Trump takes a step back from threat to close southern border

Trump last week threatened to seal the border this week if Mexico did not immediately halt all illegal immigration into the U.S., a move that would have enormous economic consequences on both sides of the border.

  House Republicans, Democrats continue to spar over hearing on allegations against Fairfax

House Speaker Kirk Cox issued a statement on Tuesday saying that Democrats have not agreed to a proposed hearing into the allegations against Fairfax.

VCU receives grant to research allergies

Congressman McEachin announces a grant for $380,243 for allergies and organ transplants research at VCU.

Trump suggests deferring GOP health plan push to after 2020

Republicans were cool after President Donald Trump surprised them last week with an unexpected pivot to the issue and his claims the GOP will be the party of health care.

Lieutenant governor’s accuser says she has nothing to gain

Meredith Watson said she’s been subjected to intense scrutiny since accusing Justin Fairfax of raping her.

2nd woman recounts unwanted touching by Joe Biden

The allegations by multiple women could leave Biden appearing out of touch with his party as the Democratic presidential primary begins.

Chesterfield launches new academy to reach ‘multicultural communities’

The program - called My Chesterfield Academy - will launch in June with monthly sessions held through December.

VA governor signs Tommie’s Law, makes animal cruelty a felony

Punishment for abusing a dog or cat in Virginia will soon be much harsher.

Former Virginia AG considered for new White House job

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is said to be in the running for a new position at the White House.

  Phrasing of question could influence polygraph test results, expert says

Expert Dave Goldberg says polygraph tests are 98-99% reliable.

Kaine downplays chances of abolishing Electoral College

Speaking at the University of Louisville, Kaine flatly said that getting rid of the Electoral College isn’t going to happen because it would require a constitutional change.

Multi-million dollar investment to create new jobs in Chesterfield County

Multi-million dollar investment expected to create 26 jobs in Chesterfield County.

Northam encourages voter registration in high schools

Northam has also launched a challenge to high schools to register at least 65 percent of their senior class.

Accuser: Virginia lieutenant gov’s response ‘disgraceful’

One of the two women accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault says his response has been "disgraceful, irresponsible and manipulative."

Virginia farmers see hemp grown for CBD as major cash crop

The state’s new law matches language in the 2018 federal farm bill and allows anyone to grow the crop and extract whatever they want from it.

Unfilled teaching positions in Virginia at a ‘crisis’ level

The number of unfilled teaching positions in Virginia increased 40 percent from 2007 to 2017.

  Fairfax says he took polygraph test that exonerates him of sexual assault allegations

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax says he took a polygraph test that exonerates him of sexual assault accusations made against him by two women.

Virginia governor finds ways to get beyond blackface scandal

Two months after a blackface photo in an old yearbook nearly ended the political career of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, his life seems mostly back to normal.

  Former VCU student accuses former Gov. Wilder of sexual harassment

The woman says Wilder kissed her without consent, suggested she could live at his house, offered to take her on trips and pay for her law school.

‘We’re pretty pleased': Northam’s work to bolster racial equity praised

Defying calls for his resignation in the wake of his blackface scandal, Gov. Ralph Northam pledged to dedicate the remainder of his term to issues of racial equity.

  Debate over what is considered milk and how to label it heats up

If you walk through the dairy aisle, there’s quite the variety: two percent, whole milk, almond, and soy milk. Those last two are now in question as the battle over what is considered “milk” is heating up.

Governor signs bill requiring clergy to report child abuse

In response in part to the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, Virginia will have a new law on July 1 requiring priests, ministers, rabbis and other clergy members to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.

Lynchburg City Council passes tethering ordinance

In a 5-2 vote Tuesday night, Lynchburg City Council made it illegal to tether your dog during certain times and conditions.

  Northam amends hands-free driving bill, calls on full ban on handheld devices

In its current form, the bill prohibits drivers from holding a communications device in highway work zones.

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school

Missouri House lawmakers have passed legislation to allow public schools to offer elective social studies classes on the Bible.

North Carolina’s 20-week abortion ban ruled unconstitutional

A federal judge has overruled a North Carolina law banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy.

  Trump border emergency survives as House veto override fails

The Democratic-controlled chamber fell 38 votes short of the 286 needed for Democrats and their handful of Republican allies to prevail, because a two-thirds majority was needed.

Though Mueller’s report has been completed, debate continues

Mueller's findings absolve Trump on the question of colluding with Russia but don't entirely remove the legal threats the president and his associates are facing.

Northam plans spending to rebuild psychiatric hospital

Northam took a tour of Central State Hospital outside of Petersburg on Monday before announcing plans to ask lawmakers to approve adjustments to the state's capital budget to spend more than $300 million to rebuild the hospital.

Northam OKs bill creating African-American advisory board

The 21-member board will advise governors on issues important to African Americans and submit annual reports to lawmakers.

  Trump declares victory now, but legal perils not over

Federal and state investigators in New York are deep into investigations of their own into Trump and those in his orbit, probes that some observers have long viewed as every bit as menacing as Mueller's two-year look into possible collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

  Mueller report: Barr says Mueller finds no evidence of Trump-Russia conspiracy

Attorney General William Barr has given Congress the eagerly anticipated summary of the “principal conclusions” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year Russia investigation.

Northam vetoes bill allowing sale of switchblades outside Virginia

Selling switchblade knives is currently illegal in Virginia, but the bill would have let manufacturers and distributors have the weapons for distribution in other states.

Ex-congressional candidate says she’ll run again from prison

Shaun Brown revealed her plans to reporters Wednesday before turning herself into authorities outside a federal courthouse in Norfolk.

  Governor signs sales tax cut on personal hygiene products into law

Starting next year, Virginians will pay less on essential personal hygiene products, such as tampons and diapers.

Northam signs coal ash cleanup bill

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has signed legislation to require the state’s largest electric utility to excavate and clean up unlined coal ash pits.

  Richmonders respond to mayor’s proposed budget at community forum

Richmond’s mayor is taking his push to raise real estate taxes and create a cigarette tax to the people who would be impacted.

Trump’s business dealings violate constitution, attorneys general say

Flanked by U.S. flags, two attorneys general argued Tuesday that President Donald Trump is violating the constitutional ban against government officials accepting gifts or favors.

Appeals court hears arguments in Trump hotel lawsuit

A federal appeals court has heard arguments that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting profits from foreign and domestic officials through his hotel in Washington.