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  The impact of digital dollars on our kids

From debit cards to digital pay apps, the latest generation of kids are growing up using less and less cold-hard cash.

Innovative sensory cart serves exceptional children at Bon Secours

Taking a child to the hospital emergency room is a very stressful event for everyone involved.

Preparing your family for a weather emergency takes time

With Florence set to make landfall, most parents would say they know planning for a weather emergency is important - but what’s more difficult, is finding the time to do it.

Talking to babies makes them smarter, study says

The toddlers whose parents had more back-and-forth conversations with them scored higher on IQ and vocabulary tests.

‘Summer mode’: No relief from the heat as school, fall sports resume

Whatever has your kids playing outside - soccer, football, cross country - probably has them hot and sweaty too.

Sarah Bloom graces the cover of Richmond Family Magazine

The "media queen mom" returned to NBC12's morning show this week after welcoming her third child into her family earlier this summer.

Tips: Making the transition back to school easier for your family

The summer has flown by, and the back-to-school supply lists are out. But is your family back on schedule?

‘Lots of change’: Making the switch to middle school

As your kids head to middle school, some advice from a mother who has been there herself can help make the transition easier.

‘4th trimester’: Report offers new guidance on post-partum care

While everyone is ooooing and awwwwwing over the new member of the family, doctors are reminding us to stop, and look after mom.

Humiliated mom shares story to get rid of stigmas surrounding breastfeeding

A Virginia mother is anonymously sharing a story of humiliation while breastfeeding, hoping to end the stigmas surrounding it.

'Peppa Pig's Surprise' coming to Richmond this fall

Calling all parents who have kids who are fans of Peppa Pig! "Peppa Pig's Surprise" tour has been extended and now includes Richmond's Altria Theater.

  Doctors warn of spread of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease among children, parents

Doctor's offices are seeing a spike in Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, which often spreads where large groups of children gather.

Tips on how to expand healthy eating habits for kids

If your kids are getting tired of pizza or mac-n-cheese, or maybe you're just ready for a healthy change - we are on your side - talking to the experts about some ways to get your kids to eat new and healthier food.?

A few tips to fight summer boredom

School's out for the summer and as the kids settle into that summer schedule, you may find yourself wondering: Now what?

Fun, family-friendly events to celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day falls in the middle of next week, so there's a good chance that many of you have the day off but you'll probably be in town.

Having a will helps protect families, children

Simple steps can ease the financial and legal headaches that come on top of the grief of losing a parent.

RVA Parenting: Preschool signups underway in Richmond

The end of school countdown may be on, but Richmond Schools are already gearing up for next year, at least when it comes to preschool.

Technology-free camp for teens looks to expand

Kids and technology is a topic of hot discussion - how much is too much time on a phone or iPad or computer? How do we keep our kids safe on the internet?

Richmond dentists to host free care day

Children in Richmond and surrounding areas will be able to receive dental treatments at no cost on Sunday, May 20 during Sharing Smiles Day.

A mother's view on the expanded Richmond farmers market scene

Have you ever taken your kids to a farmers market? If you never have, this is the year to do it!

Virginia Tech study: Helmets drastically reduce soccer injuries

You're used to seeing helmets on the gridiron, but new research indicates that there may also be benefits on the soccer field to curb concussions.

  Mouth guards can save on dental bills, protect children's smiles

As the weather warms up spring sports are picking up for lots of children and teens.

Meet the company behind The Diamond's 'Nursing Nest'

New and nursing moms are going nuts for the "Nursing Nest" at The Diamond - it's a new nursing and pumping room, that just debuted at the ball park.

The leading cause of death in children may not be what you think

Many parents are surprised to find out that poisoning is the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States.

Donations needed for 'comfort cases' to help foster children

A local organization is looking for donations to help children in foster care and in crisis around Central Virginia.

'Planning dream': Expo to help parents find summer camps

With spring break is winding down, it's time for parents to start thinking about summer camp.

Organization develops program to teach teens safe driving skills

An organization developed a program to teach teens good driving habits and skills that will keep them safe behind the wheel.

SPRING BREAK: How can you keep the kids busy?

The first week of April marks Spring Break for many students in Central Virginia.

Dealing with eating disorders: Share your story

Parents face enormous pressure all the time - we're real people, who have to deal with our own personal issues, health issues, goals and crushing losses.

A pediatric ER visit that saved Cora's chin

Meet Cora, a 5-year-old girl with a 5-year-old's curiosity. She loves dancing, singing, coloring and exploring new places, especially outside.

RVA Parenting: Tips for picky eaters

So many busy moms struggle coming up with kid-friendly meals for picky eaters.

NBC12's Sarah Bloom talks about life as a mom in podcast

NBC12's Sarah Bloom was recently featured on a podcast with The Mama Retreat to discuss life as a mom.