Used car refund dispute ends with Chesterfield woman holding check for nearly $2K

A judge agreed that a car dealership owed down payment refund after a purchased had to canceled due to lack of financing.

How to spot dangerous trees and limbs

Oftentimes, there are signs that can help you determine which ones are in danger of coming down.

  Mechanicsville family gets $3K in donated fence repair

The worker doing the repair said the original contractor's bid was much lower than what the job actually required and he started to lose money.

  ‘Impeach Trump’ signs falsely linked to Spanberger campaign

Several political signs referencing impeaching Donald Trump are posted around Chesterfield County and appear to be linked to a 7th District Congressional candidate.

  Henrico business helps feed those who can’t afford a meal

A sign on a Henrico business has caught the eye of people in the community and warmed their hearts!

  83-year-old man reaches out for help getting heart monitor to work

When Roland Pitts discovered doctors weren't getting important data from his pacemaker, he reached out for help getting Verizon to keep that line in working order.

  Sections of Lake Anna see high levels of bacteria

The Virginia Department of Health is warning lake goers about harmful levels of bacteria in areas of Lake Anna.

  Police call on public to help in infant’s headstone mystery

Right now there's a mystery unfolding in Blackstone involving an infant headstone and you might be able to help solve it!

  Woman sues car dealer over repossession, un-refunded down payment

A Chesterfield woman says she thought the car was hers, but then several days later she got a call from "Yes Auto Sales" telling her to bring it back, or they would repossess it.

  Mom frustrated over senior pictures that haven’t arrived

Kim Diehl gets emotional talking about something that has a great deal of sentimental value - her daughter's senior pictures.

  Hot car deaths: New tech for parents to prevent tragedy

Child awareness groups are urging parents to check their backseats as they get out of the car following the death of a 17-month-old Henrico boy.

  Family gets new fridge after calling 12 On Your Side

"As a consumer, I feel that we have gotten the short end of the stick," said Toni Burrell.

  Inside look of new Virginia facility where illegal immigrants will be housed

NBC12 got an exclusive look into the Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green on Wednesday, where illegal immigrants will be held as they wait for administrative hearings.

  Couple calls 12 after problems with new home are not addressed

A Chesterfield couple is frustrated after moving into their new home three years ago. They are still waiting for issues to be addressed that were documented in a walkthrough after they had been there for a just year.

  Social Security form sparks confusion as WWII vet doesn't qualify for benefits

The form is not obsolete, but it appears that some SSA employees just don't know about it and were unable to explain exactly who does qualify for the special benefits.

  Woman buys car with unknown lien on it, calls 12 after it is repossessed

A Henrico woman calls 12 after she says she spent thousands of dollars buying a vehicle and now has nothing to show for it.  The car was repossessed through no fault of her own.

  Teen bullied over ears gets plastic surgery

For 17-year-old Yasmin Ibrihim, it was a dream come true: a consultation with Richmond cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu was the first step in her highly improbable journey to get her ears fixed.

Navy veteran says car was towed without notice, violating lease

A Navy veteran who says he is being dismissed at every step turned to 12 On Your Side for help getting his car back.

  Man with liver cancer sleeping on makeshift bed gets new mattress

Robert Whiting, Jr. has liver cancer and sleeps on a makeshift mattress. He called 12 On Your Side for help, and he got a new mattress thanks to the generosity of others.

  12-year-old with brain cancer to run Anthem LemonAid stand

Maya Smith is getting an Anthem LemonAid stand ready in Henrico. She's taking a stand against childhood cancer.

  Homeowner: Contractor damaged home, didn't do work properly

Janet Bourne hired a company to get rid of bats in her attic. Now she wants her money back and payment for damage to her house

  Story of 'Balance Billing,' $1K trip to physician ignites social media storm

Sally Matchett went to an in-network hospital, but she says the ER doctor was in a group not covered by her insurance.

  FBI: Dark web is like a 'drug dealer on the corner in the virtual world'

It's a place you've probably never been - it's where guns, drugs and illicit activity are sold in the open.

DIY Projects: When you should actually use a professional

If you're handy or looking to save money, you may decide to tackle a home project yourself! But there are certain things really best left to the professionals.

  Tips to help you apply sunscreen, avoid getting burned this summer

Sunscreen and trying to apply it on wiggly kids is often a regular part of summertime here in the River City.

  Viewer helps blind man dying from leukemia who had no access to running water

Boyd Martin has been struggling without running water since March, after a wind storm came through and damaged his well. He lives in a home infested with bugs and gets by with bottled water.

  6 tips to save money on gas

If you want to save money on gas, how you drive could be just as important as what you drive.

  Homeowner: Contracting company worked on wrong home

Anthony Bates says GL Hughes Contracting workers tore off his home's siding and damaged his roof, because they were working on the wrong house.

  Charities on Facebook - what you need to know before you donate

A Facebook fundraiser collecting money for kids and families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border raised more than $12 million in one week. So how does Facebook checks out charities, and how are donations handled?

  Woman suffers cracked skull when tree falls on 5 homes

Five homes were damaged, three of them condemned, after a massive tree split in half and fell along North New Avenue and North Mapleleaf Avenue in the Highland Springs area of Henrico.

  Insurance company pays up after Midlothian man calls 12 On Your Side

A Midlothian man says National General Insurance refused to pay for his damaged vehicle, until 12 On Your Side got involved.

Widow discovers grave she visits is not her husband's after cemetery mix-up

"I went out there to visit him thousands of times, and it wasn't even him," said Bobbie Honeycutt.

Life insurance and why to consider it

Generally, life insurance is thought of during major life events like marriage or having children. But simply being young and healthy is a reason to consider it as well.

Man seeks refund for $9K hot tub he did not get

Robert Lightner purchased a $9,000 hot tub from Spa Blowout and instantly regretted it - within hours, he tried to cancel the purchase, but Spa Blowout said they were keeping the entire $9,000 for a restocking fee.

Lead found in drinking water at schools across Central Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health says nearly 800 children under the age of 6 were diagnosed with lead poisoning in 2016.

Weird land swap sticks Richmond woman with tree problem

An elderly Richmond woman is making a plea for help. 12 On Your Side got word of Mozelle Minor's situation. She's in a dispute with the city about a tree she says is overgrown and dangerous.

Drug that tops Virginia's watch list is not an opioid

It's not an opioid, but of all the drugs on Virginia's watch list, it is the most prescribed. Gabapentin - known as "Johnny's" on the street - is often used to treat seizures and nerve pain.

Study: Your brain is distracted 27 seconds after using phone

More than 200 Virginians died in distracted driving crashes last year, and 15,000 people were injured, according to DMV statistics.

  St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway: A day at the hospital

They say amazing things happen at St. Jude - things Karla Redditte and Sarah Bloom had the chance to see first hand at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

Making money off annoying robocalls

Nearly 31 billion robocalls were made last year, which means that every one of us got about 100 of them.

Thieves could be taking advantage of subscriptions to rip off victims

If you have Netflix, or Spotify, or another subscription, you'll want to keep a very close eye on those charges on your credit card bill.