Couple fires back at insurance, construction companies that repaired home

Robert and Nancy Weakley are firing back at their homeowners’ insurance company and the construction company that repaired their home after a fire.

  Tree trimmer took woman’s $1,200, but didn’t finish the job

  Doctors: Allergy season expected to get worse

Restaurant Report: Greek restaurant hit with repeat violations

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts give advice on reining in your tax refund

  Restaurant Report: Insects coming out of vent, grease debris behind flat grill

  Kidney donor meets man whose life she helped to save

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  Craigslist scam uses picture of Henrico home to mislead tenants

  Financial scams targeting older Americans quadrupled in 4 years

  Law enforcement warns of tax letter scam

  ‘Unhackable’ alarm systems for cars may not be so smart after all

How did winter affect your car? AAA says to get it checked out

  Petersburg fixes sewage backup that spilled over into man’s yard

  Homeowner at odds with city over sewage backing up into his yard

The homeowner believes the problem is with the city’s sewer line is improperly installed and said has done everything the city asked of him.

  Sound too good to be true? Police warn of scams as weather warms up

In the spring and summer, you may get a knock on your door for someone asking to do some sort of service, such as resurfacing your driveway.

  Goochland man getting nowhere after getting wrong marker for mother’s grave

Don Murr spent $600 on a plaque to mark his mother's final resting place, but it misspelled her name and he can't get anyone to help him fix it.

  Henrico mom receives handicap accessible van for daughter

"It's a life changer," Jennifer Reinhardt said.

  Petersburg mom fighting to get rid of bed bugs

Mystery charges? It could be from a new game kids are playing

  Tree woman was worried about falls on her deck; who foots the bill?

  Military housing complaints reach a boiling point at Fort Lee

  ‘It’s been rough’: Family of 5 displaced after car crashes into home

  Woman in need of handicap accessible van for daughter

  Concerns rise after animals photographed dead, entangled in fishing line

“It’s demise was caused by the fishing line,” Dale Vanderheyden said. “It’s an invisible killer.”

  Woman says after paying contractor $5K, her home is unsafe

The contractor is returning for one problem, but others she says she will forget about.

  Record rain leads to mold problem in Virginia schools

Mold has led to health issues for some students who had no idea the buildings where they were spending their day were causing them to get sick.

  Woman saved from scam by Kroger employees

Denise McKendry almost dropped a grand on Google Play cards to pay off money a scammer told her she owed to the IRS.

  Neighbors frustrated over lack of bagged leaf collection

Henrico County’s Public Utilities Department has a program where crews will pick your leaves up for free as long as you bag them. However, the collection period has since ended.

  Kidney transplant just days away for Clover Hill graduate

William “Woody” Johnson is closer to recovery after a kidney donor was located.

  Residents see movement in renaming road after truck traffic concerns

Tuesday night the Henrico County Board of Supervisors announced they were in contact with the Bank of America facility located on White Oak Creek Drive about renaming the road.

  Charity donates car to disabled Vietnam veteran

A Vietnam veteran says he is feeling grateful after a charity donated a new used car to him.

  Help on the way for Vietnam veteran in need of car

Two days after his story first aired, Evans is working out the details with a nonprofit group that will help him get back behind the wheel.

  Car jumps curb, destroys wheelchair ramp

Neighbor says street had speed-related crashes in the past.

  ‘It was amazing, we knew he could see’: Family shares journey of baby born with cataracts

On an average day, Micah Weathers can be found active, independent and enjoying life like any other toddler. One glance at him, and it might be surprising to know he has been through several surgeries before the age of 2. It all started with a diagnosis as a newborn.

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts explain the new tax code in simple terms

With sweeping tax code changes affecting this year's filings, experts from NerdWallet help explain how the changes will work for different people.

  Pregnant Petersburg mother says she was harassed by top social services official

A pregnant Petersburg mother says she went to apply for benefit assistance only to be harassed by a top official at the Petersburg Social Services Department.

  Two-year home improvement battle solved in two weeks with NBC12

A two-year battle over home improvements was solved in about two weeks once NBC12 On Your Side Investigators stepped in.

  Richmond grandmother unhappy with match-making service

A Richmond grandmother looking for companionship says she felt let down by a local match-making service that charged her almost $5,000 to find dates.

  Petersburg landlords challenge tenant’s complaint of plumbing issues, eviction

Two Petersburg landlords are speaking out after their tenant accused them of ignoring her plumbing requests and being evicted.

  Tenant complaining about bad plumbing faces possible eviction

Repeated calls, text messages and in-person attempts to reach the landlord failed until after this story appeared on TV.

  Customers furious after longtime auto shop closes without notice

Several customers are upset after a longtime Baugh Auto Body Shop closed for business without notice.

  Diving into your DNA: How to choose a genetic health test

Home genetic test kits were one of the hottest holiday gifts last year. More people are mailing off their DNA, not just to trace their ancestry, but to trace their chances of developing certain diseases. But not all genetic tests are created equal.

  Petersburg leaders past due on water bills; some are 3 months behind

When it comes to monthly utility bills, when they hit your mailbox, you’re expected to pay - and so are city council members.

  Local federal employees hit with another challenge as they head back to work

Local federal workers returning to work for the first time in 35 days say they were hit with an unexpected cost, parking.

  Staffing issues at 2 air traffic control centers cause delays at RIC

According to the FAA, LaGuardia, Newark and Philadelphia airport all reported delays due to staffing issues at 2 air traffic control centers on the east coast.

Oyster roast to benefit family of baby with mystery illness

Amirah Nicholson, 10-months-old, continues to flatline in the hospital nearly every day, but doctors don't know what is causing this.

  Backyards in Chester neighborhood flooded thanks to critters

A Chester man says his backyard has turned into a swamp over the past few weeks.

  Company helps three-time cancer survivor with heating, plumbing problems

After coming into financial hardship, a company helped a three-time cancer survivor in Church Hill with her heating and plumbing problems.

Report: Driver carelessness contributes to car thefts

Keyless ignition makes it easy to warm up your car on a cold day, but it also makes it easier for thieves.

  Grandma scammed and taunted by crook

They played on her sense of loyalty and love, stole from her and then called back to have a laugh later that night.

  Lawmakers hear bills to protect patients from balanced billing

Several bills which would make balance billing patient illegal went before lawmakers Thursday afternoon.

  Bill to fine owners for unreported stolen guns fails

An effort to put a new gun law on the books for reporting stolen or missing firearms failed Wednesday night in committee.

  Organ donor offers pour in for Chesterfield man

Around 40 calls have come into VCU’s Hume-Lee Transplant Center from people who are willing to get tested to see if they are a potential donor.

Virginian paralyzed in Thailand from rare disease returns home

A Henrico family is looking at all options to get their daughter home after she was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease while teaching in Thailand.

  How to help families affected by the government shutdown

Community leaders and businesses are joining in the effort to help families in the greater Richmond area affected by the government shutdown.

  Man urgently pleas for living kidney donor

William Johnson, 22, is asking for help to live a normal life.

  Cars seen driving through railroad stop arms in downtown Richmond

Just after 9 a.m. Thursday more than 10 cars were seen driving through the stop arms at the 14th Street and E. Byrd Street railroad crossing near the Mayo Bridge.

  ‘Mermaid-like’ athlete qualifies for fitness competition

A Henrico woman is headed to Florida to compete in a well know fitness festival despite having physical disabilities she considers “mermaid-like”.

  Community gives Home Again shelter a very merry Christmas

Christmas most likely would have been dreary if not for compassionate givers who made this year’s toy drive a huge success.

  Proposal could legalize short-term rentals in Henrico

Short-term rentals could be legalized in Henrico County in the near future if officials approve an ordinance change.

  Aleris employees make Christmas season bright for Richmond families

One local company came together to help five struggling families with Christmas gifts for their children.

  Virginian paralyzed in Thailand from rare disease to come home

A Henrico family is looking at all options to get their daughter home after she was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease while teaching in Thailand.

  Richmond law firm offers free rides on New Year’s Eve

A local law firm is offering a lift home on New Years Eve for people in the Richmond area, pun intended.

  Henrico infant dies Christmas Eve after battle with rare disease

A Henrico family hopes to raise awareness after their 10-month-old daughter died Christmas Eve from a rare neurological disease.

  NBC12′s On Your Side in 2018: Vet gets money; musician gets a new smile; life-altering therapy

2018 was another amazing year, and that includes unmatched generosity from many of you who helped NBC12 Investigators get results for people who had nowhere else to turn.

  First responders share tips to avoid car fires

Be sure to check under your hood before you travel to help avoid potential car fires.

  Why you shouldn’t cash out your 401K

Your options include keeping the money where it is, rolling it into an IRA or new 401K or cashing out.

  Teen battling cancer gets Christmas wish thanks to community

A Henrico teen who’s battling a rare bone and soft tissue cancer got her Christmas wish thanks to dozens of people in the community.

  ‘I wanted to feel more feminine’: Woman warns of breast implant illnesses

A new health alert reveals alarming news about FDA-approved breast implants.

  Toy supply drive benefits homeless children in Richmond

Donations are coming into the toy supply drive in Richmond, but organizers would like more.

  ‘I hope you burn in hell,’ Ashland jewelry store owner says to burglar

The burglar went into a bathroom in the hair salon next door and broke through the wall it shares with the jewelry store.

  Sex offenders find ways to ‘skirt’ Facebook’s ban

One-and-a-half billion users are on Facebook every day. And among those profiles are people who are not allowed to be on the platform, according to Facebook.

  Gift card scams: What to watch out for

Your only real defense is to use gift cards as fast as you can, so you hopefully beat thieves to the punch.

  Chesterfield man struggles with roof repairs

Seward said there are still areas on his roof that still concern him months after installation.

  After two-decade battle, Midlothian man needs a kidney... fast

A husband and father from Midlothian is begging for help to find a kidney and fast.

  Richmond residents relieved after backed-up alley cleaned up

Washington Park homeowners are relieved after they were bothered by backed up alleys that held water for weeks in their neighborhood, causing them problems.

  Father of 5 says life on sex offender registry has forced him and his family into homelessness

The family was evicted in October.

  Teen battling cancer wishes for Christmas decorations in yard

Peyton Hougham has Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue cancer. Peyton first started feeling symptoms with pain in her shoulder, and shortly after starting 8th grade was given her diagnosis.

  Backed-up alley causing Richmond residents problems

When it rains the alley fills with water, sometimes for days, but nothing has been done to address the problem long-term.

  Double amputee encourages students to drive safely

The Come Home Alive program reinforces safe teen driving and warn against dangerous behavior like texting and driving.

  Neighbors fear someone is intentionally hurting outdoor pets

Some Henrico residents believe neighbors may be intentionally trying to hurt their pets who roam the outdoors.