Two detainees drown in Little Pee Dee River; bodies not recovered

A Horry County Sheriff's Office van was swept away in flood waters resulting in two female mental health detainees drowning in the Little Pee Dee River Tuesday night.

  Multiple tornadoes confirmed in Virginia

One of those warnings gave NBC12 meteorologist Andrew Freiden “chills” while he was broadcasting on air.

  ‘Don’t mess with Nana’: TX grandma kills 12-foot alligator with one shot

The alligator-hunting grandmother believes the gator could be responsible for the disappearance of her miniature horse.

  Angry customer accused of attacking Domino’s manager over wrong pizza

The suspect was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

N. Korea agrees to dismantle main nuke site if US takes steps too

The two Korean leaders held summit talks to try to sustain nuclear diplomacy with Washington, which has been pushing hard for stronger disarmament moves from the North.

  Flood threat from Florence remains in Carolinas; storm moves north

Rivers in North and South Carolina have reached or will reach flood levels in coming days, possibly leading to more deaths caused by Florence.

Better out than in: Research says farts can be released through your breath if you hold them in

So, next time, don't be afraid to let it rip - in the appropriate setting.

  Ford wants FBI investigation into Kavanaugh allegation before testifying, attorney says

Christine Blasey Ford's attorneys sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that stressed “an FBI investigation of the incident should be the first step in addressing her allegations.”

Texas education board endorses nixing figures like Hillary Clinton, keeping Moses

The Texas education board has been considering hundreds of recommendations on whether to keep historical figures and events in the school plan.

  No, Anderson Cooper was not exaggerating Florence flood levels

The CNN anchor reached his breaking point over the weekend when former Trump administration official Gavin J. Smith made a claim that Cooper was exaggerating flood levels during Hurricane Florence coverage.

CBS’ Julie Chen leaves daytime’s ‘The Talk’ in taped message

Julie Chen leaves the CBS daytime show 'The Talk,' a week after her husband, Leslie Moonves, was ousted as head of CBS Corp. following misconduct charges.

‘You can stand up’: Irish man, 83, fights off would-be betting shop robbers

The man, a grandfather named Denis O’Connor, was caught on camera doing his part to thwart the robbery of a betting shop on Saturday outside Cork.

Bert and Ernie are puppets and have no sexual orientation, Sesame Workshop tweets

The debate rages on - are Bert and Ernie gay? A former writer says yes, the show says puppets have no sexual orientation.

  MS man hopes to spread love, equality through #NiketheWorldChallenge

Three million views later, Maurice Haynes hopes his message through the #NiketheWorldChallenge resonates with viewers.

  Mom makes son wear ‘I am a bully’ T-shirt

A Texas mom made her fifth grader son wear the 'bully' shirt to school to teach him a lesson.

  President Trump visiting NC to survey Hurricane Florence damage

While White House officials did confirm to WBTV on Tuesday that Trump would be in NC, exact details about the presidential visit are unclear.

  Someone actually threw out a casket with the garbage in Akron and we know the story behind who picked it up

A simple trip through an Akron neighborhood on Saturday morning began a viral mystery into a casket left in front of a house for trash pick up.

Woman haunted by children singing creepily in the dead of the night for months

A woman woke up in the middle of the night to children singing nursery rhymes. For months. And always at night.

2018 Toy Hall of Fame nominees: Which ones did you play with?

These 12 toys have entertained kids for generations, and only a couple will make the cut.

Police: Man accused of rubbing produce on buttocks at grocery store

Manassas City police said Michael Dwayne Johnson, 27, was seen by an employee picking up produce, pulling down his pants, rubbing the produce on his buttocks and returning it to the shelf.

McDonald’s employees are striking over sexual harassment within the company

The strike is aimed at bringing awareness to the idea that the fast food company isn't doing enough to prevent harassment at local restaurants.

  Brie Larson debuts in the Marvel Universe as Captain Marvel

The "Captain Marvel" trailer debuted Tuesday, feature Brie Larson as Capt. Carol Danvers.

  GOP hopes testimony showdown on Monday can save Kavanaugh’s nomination

Republicans reversed course and agreed to the hearing in the face of growing demands by GOP senators to hear directly from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, now a psychology professor in California.

  Emmys 2018: An award diversity showing and an epic proposal

The Emmys began with a happy announcement - this was the most ethnically diverse group of Emmy nominees yet - and a cheeky musical nod to the diversity issue in Hollywood, a song aptly called "We Solved It!"

Home daycare owner accused of drugging, tying kids to car seats in dark closet

The 60-year-old woman is in jail, facing nine counts of child endangerment.

  ‘It looks like they’re in jail’: TX students in detention wear orange shirts, clean windows

The superintendent stopped the practice, saying staff didn’t get it approved by the district, and students will return to serving detention in a classroom setting.

  Tom Arnold files police report against ‘Apprentice’ producer after alleged scuffle

Actor Tom Arnold has filed a police report over an alleged scuffle with producer Mark Burnett.

  Body of baby swept away in floodwaters recovered

The rescue operation began around 8:30 p.m. on the 7700 block of NC 218 East in New Salem.

  Building fire sends huge plume of smoke over Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Fire Department put out a notice that 150 firefighters had been sent to a “heavy fire within a two-story ‘L’ shaped commercial building.”

  6 children, 1 adult injured by camel at Pittsburgh circus

The circus chairman said this was the first incident in 69 years and they are ready to handle it and move forward.

  Florence’s deluge raises death toll to 32

Historic and likely catastrophic flooding is expected, as dams and levees threaten to fail and rivers have not yet crested across the Carolinas.

Trump imposes tariffs on $200B more of Chinese goods

Trump intensifies trade war by imposing tariffs on $200B more of China goods starting next week.

Trump declassifies documents related to FBI Russia probe

President Donald Trump on Monday declassified a trove of documents related to the early days of the FBI's Russia investigation, including portions of a secret surveillance warrant and former FBI Director James Comey's text messages.

  Hearing sets up dramatic showdown between Kavanaugh, accuser

Republicans abruptly laid plans Monday for a Senate committee hearing at which Brett Kavanaugh and the woman alleging he sexually assaulted her decades ago will testify publicly

Flying goats in Wash. as officials try to remove animals mad for human sweat and urine

Wildlife officials are hoping to capture half of the roughly 725 mountain goats living in the area.

US slashes number of refugees to 30,000 for next year

The Trump administration is cutting the number of refugees allowed into the United States next year to 30,000.

We’ve been mispronouncing Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen’s names this whole time

Whether or not the correct pronunciations of their names will catch on remains to be seen. Grande seems far too kind to correct you and Teigen has said she gave up correcting people a long time ago.

  ‘This is how I’m dying’: Hunter recalls surviving deadly bear attack

A Florida man speaks about surviving a bear attack that killed his tour guide.

  94-year-old Ohio woman smothered to death during home invasion

A 94-year-old Ohio woman was found dead after a home invasion Cleveland’s Eastside.

  Cajun Navy rescues hundreds in Carolinas

The Cajun Navy first emerged in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to rescue folks caught in the storm’s floodwaters.

Coca-Cola is signaling interest in sale of cannabis-infused drinks

Coke says cannabis is an ingredient that could gain ground in wellness beverages globally.